Voice of the era. (2004)

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Producer Narodnoe kino

Director: Filyukov D.

Script writers: Filyukov D., Rodina I.

Operators: Soloviev S.

Anouncers: Lanovoy V.


The principal speaker of the Soviet Union Yuri B. Levitan.

Movie №1 Voice of the era

1943. German troops occupied the Ukrainian village and knocked Dobryanka speaker from the central square of the village.

Yu.B.Levitana photo, a memorial plaque at his home.

The work of the radio in 1934, people listen loudspeakers on the streets, in the shops.

Photos of Stalin and Levitan.

Entering the Dnieper, the vote on election of deputies to the polls fit Molotov, Stalin.

Levitan family photos.

Modern Vladimir streets leading down to the river Klyazma pioneers 20s, trumpeter plays the trumpet.

Says classmate Yu.

Levitana Julia P. Regan, demonstrates school photo.

Youth parades 20s.

Old city of Vladimir, the domes of churches.

Types of Shukhov Tower in Moscow.

Listening to the speakers in the Radio Committee, 1931. Young Levitan is preparing to work, read radio news.

His teachers Vasily Kachalov Theater, actor, Mikhail Lebedev, theater Mossovet Yuzvitskaya Elizabeth, teacher speech technique and voice training.

Fragment newsreel "Pioneer» № 2, 1941. Levitan is a student vocational school № 25 Chepurnova Ivan, who talks about his school.

Children learn to work tools: hammers, files, on the machines.

Products, which manufactures College - spindle for textile machinery.

Children at war plants: set aerogun, machined shells.

Yu says Levitan (voice-over) to declare war.

In the announcer's booth at the time - microphones, display "Ready" and "Passing is coming." Archival footage of the beginning of the war: people listen to the message before loudspeakers, teams of volunteers are sent to the front.

Overs says Levitan.

Preparations for the defense of Moscow: anti-hedgehogs, ditches, running from Moscow.

In the photo - a homemade radio from a bottle.

German soldiers marching down the road, read newspapers, destroying the portrait of Stalin.

Soviet POWs.

The retreat of our troops.

Soviet soldiers surrendering.

Preparing for the new German aces combat mission to bomb Moscow.

The interior spaces of the underground station in Samara (former Kuibyshev).

Photo builder radio designer Mintz.

Bunker radio radio tower on the field.

Incendiary bombs on the roofs of Moscow, teams of fire suppression.

Soldiers listen to the voice in the dugout Levitan.

October 1941, preparing for war in Moscow, the evacuation of production from Moscow.

Military commission comes in Stalin's bunker in Samara.

Modern bunker museum.

Mine bunker, Stalin's office, desk.

Speaks German propaganda minister Goebbels.

German radio propaganda chief Hans Fritzsche in the stands the Nuremberg trials.

German soldiers are turning to the Soviet over the loudspeakers with the order to surrender.

Examples of Soviet propaganda: a pilot dropped leaflets from the cockpit, the installation of the speakers on the front lines and translation of German music.

The Soviet offensive: aircraft, tanks, infantry.

Levitan before microphones, gesturing.

Yu.B.Levitan says (over) on how to read the order of the first salute after the victory of the Soviet troops at Orel and Belgorod.

Announcer says Konstantinov Liashenko, student Levitan.

Archival footage - Yu.

Levitan reads the order to salute.

Levitan (over) announces the capture of the cities: Kharkov, Kerch, Dnepropetrovsk, Sevastopol, Minsk, Tallinn, Bucharest.

Glee people after posting the war, the victory parade in Red Square.

First artificial satellite launch nuclear icebreaker "Lenin", people cheering after meeting Gagarin.

Photo Levitan and Gagarin.

Khrushchev's speech to the artists and Levitan awarded the title People's Artist of the USSR.

Radiofond USSR, racks with magnetic tape.

Tells B.P.Lyashenko, speaker, student Levitan.

How about to write a book about Levitan.

Belgorod region, Prokhorovka field, memorial to fallen soldiers.

Veterans lay flowers in front of the eternal flame.

Bessonovka village in the Belgorod region, where the central square appeared and died Levitan.

Sunrise over Prokhorovka field.