Moonlight Race. (2002)

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Producer Narodnoe kino

Director: Boris Smirnov

Script writers: Yaroslav Golovanov, Boris Smirnov

Operators: Constantine Orozalyev

Anouncers: Vasily Lanovoy


The film is about the rivalry between the two superpowers in the implementation of the "lunar" space program.

Movie №1 Moonlight Race

U.S., Cape Canaveral, July 1969. Start of the first expedition of humans to the moon.

Sitting at a table American astronauts: N.Armstrong, E.Noldlin, M.Kolinz.

Two men in suits are rehearsing every step, every movement to build the lunar soil.

A group of people sit and watch the rehearsal. N.Armstrong astronaut in a suit talking to scientists.

The head of the American lunar program Wernher von Braun talks to N.Armstrongom.

USSR Baikonur Cosmodrome, in July 1969. Driven by a rocket launcher.

Rocket set.

Photo G.N.Babakina chief designer.

Washington, October 1957. President Eisenhower's speech to Congress.

Photo of a small copy of the satellite "pennant." Khrushchev and Eisenhower in the office of U.S. President, surrounded by the highest officials of the Congress.

Khrushchev gave Eisenhower a copy of the satellite "pennant."

15.11.1959 year.

Picture of the back side of the moon.

Photos: President Eisenhower in his office.

Germany, in 1945. Meeting of American and Soviet soldiers. U.S. soldier shoots a meeting on camera.

Zhukov shakes hands of U.S. soldiers.

Zhukov is with senior U.S. military officials and talking.

Photos: General Eisenhower talking to the soldier; Eisenhower among soldiers.

Underground plant in Nordhausen, from the factory to the arrival of Russian take out all the V-2 rocket.

Out of the house a group of people: 492 German rocketeer were sent to the United States.

Home production of Americans: FAA rocket designer Wernher von Braun.

1945. German scientists began to work in America.

Development of missiles.

Photos: Werner von Braun next to mock missiles.

Brown in the flight control room, surrounded by people.

Rocket explosion Brown.

Gagarin waving from the podium of the Mausoleum on Red Square.

Washington, 25.05.1961 year.

John F. Kennedy is on Congress and shakes hands with members of Congress.

Tells S.N.Hruschev son Khrushchev, PhD. John F. Kennedy and Nikita Khrushchev meeting in Vienna.

Photo Khrushchev, who holds a white dove.

Launch of R-7. SPKorolyov sitting elbows on the table and talk to Yuri Gagarin. S.S.Kryukov says Deputy Sergei Korolev.

Park "Sokolniki", where he started to work G.N.Babakin.

The park people ride on the carousel and rest.

Photo of young G.N.Babakina equipment.

Assembling the "Luna-9" in the enterprise.

Baikonur Cosmodrome, Monday 31 January 1961. The work of the "Luna-9" and transfer images of the moon.

Flight of the "Luna-10" over the moon and broadcast tunes "Internationale." Congress for 23 people standing and listening to the theme song "Luna-10".

Photo N1 rocket in the hangar.

Test mobile lunar vehicles, which created G.N.Babakin.

Yu.A.Mozzhorina story, Lieutenant-General.

KGB building in Moscow.

Newspaper clippings of various countries of the victories G.N.Babakinskih vehicles.

Photos: exercise book with records G.N.Babakina.

Preparation for launch missiles H1. Panorama on the rocket H1. Explosion.

Panorama of the new missile, created Chelomei with which to start the lunar vehicles G.N.Babakina. V.N.Chelomey tells of a rocket.

Rocket explosion and honesty.

U.S., Cape Canaveral, 13.07.1969 year.

Warming up to the moon.

The flight of American astronauts. U.S. astronauts collected lunar soil.

Worth U.S. flag on the lunar surface, one of the astronauts bouncing.

Photo G.N.Babakina. launch and flight of the rocket.

17.09.1970 year.

Station "Luna-16" in the village of 8.18 to the moon in the Sea of ​​Fertility.

After 6 minutes, 14 seconds work to collect lunar soil over.

Tells Yu.N.Koptev, CEO Rosaviakosmos.

Under scrutiny is the lunar soil.

Photos of lunar rocks in the eyepiece of the microscope.

Tells Yu.N.Koptev, CEO Rosaviakosmos.

The missile with a lunar unit.

The unit on Venus, getting information about her.

Unit on Mars.

Collection of soil on Mars. G.N.Babakina lunar rover on the moon.

Home video G.N.Babakina: towel, gather the leaves, a mound sitting with friends and waving, smiling.

Lunokhod climbed over a stone.