Berth Universe. (2002)

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Producer Narodnoe kino

Director: Boris Smirnov

Script writers: Yaroslav Golovanov, Faid Symphorov

Operators: Constantine Orozalyev

Anouncers: Vasily Lanovoy


The leading missile range of the country - the Baikonur Cosmodrome.

Movie №1 Berth Universe

April 1961. Parade on the Red Square in honor of Yuri Gagarin's space flight.

Gagarin and Khrushchev are on the mausoleum.

Happy and smiling people on Red Square.

Gagarin waving and smiling while standing on the mausoleum.

Baikonur Cosmodrome.

The launch of the R-7 from Baikonur.

Kazakhstan, 1953. Semipalatinsk test site.

Testing of the first hydrogen bomb explosion.

Photos: Deputy Chairman of the USSR Council of Ministers V.A.Malyshev, factory workers to assemble the tanks.

Personnel news ready for test of a hydrogen bomb.

Photos: Meeting in the office of SP Korolev, head of the design department S.S.Kryukov.

Kazakhstan, separation Tyr - Where begins construction site.

Photo of Marshal Zhukov, who reports on the construction site of the selected site.

Beginning of 1955. In the steppes of Kazakhstan landed first landing of military construction under Lieutenant I.N.Denezhkina.

Photos and footage chronicles the construction site.

Photos of the meeting of the chief constructor Korolev outdoors with General G.M.Shubnikovym.

Photos: build a memorial to Russian soldiers G.M.Shubnikovym in Berlin monument G.M.Shubnikovu.

Leninsk city, which was built near the site.

Building assembly - test facility, Gagarin's start, built G.M.Shubnikovym.

Photos builders site.

May 5, 1957 start of the first R-7. Panorama of the R-7. Rocket explosion.

August 21, 1957 at 15 hours 25 minutes was made a good start R-7. Flight of the R-7. Photos: scientists and soldiers who participated in the development of rockets, rocket men Baikonur, a military lieutenant rocketeer B.Chekunov launched a rocket in flight.

General picture A.I.Nesterenko, the first chief of Baikonur.

Photo A.I.Nesterenko.

Military chronicle of the Second World War.

Panorama of the rocket.

Smiling Gagarin and missile launch.

Gagarin's flight into space.

Gagarin is on the red carpet.

Astronauts go down the stairs of the plane and go to the red carpet.

Khrushchev congratulating them.

Astronauts encounter at the site of Baikonur.

Personnel news about Baikonur.

When tested in the R-16 M.K.Yangelya an explosion and fire that killed 91 people.

Our time.


The place where it was burning missile R-16. Chronicle of the missile launch from Baikonur.

Photos: Nikita Khrushchev at the site; Brezhnev shows French President de Gaulle Baikonur.

Personnel news about the flight "Buran".

Our time. "Buran" is in a landfill.

Parts of decommissioned missiles built dance floor and pen for pigs.

Destroyed parts of Baikonur.

City Leninsk.

People traveling by train to the launch pad at Baikonur to work.

The staff work in Baikonur.

Preparing to launch a rocket.

Panorama of the rocket.

Command post.

Preparing to launch the missile.

Launch and flight of the rocket.