Looking to the future. (2003)

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Producer Narodnoe kino

Director: Boris Golovnya

Script writers: Faid Symphorov

Operators: Alexander Pavlov, Ivan Pomorin

Anouncers: Vasily Lanovoy


A talented aircraft designer for many years ahead of his time V.M. Myasishchev.

Movie №1 Looking to the future

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June 9, 1961. Tushino parade in Moscow.

Flight of the strategic bomber-missile M-50. Photo Myashishev, creator of M-50.

July 1945. Potsdam Conference.

On the porch: U.S. President G.Trumen, Stalin and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill.

American bomber B-29, which dropped bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Destroyed cities.

Red Square.

In the Kremlin, Stalin sitting behind the podium and physicist Kurchatov.

American plant bombs.

Development plans a nuclear attack on the USSR. Author, the main developer of the plans K.Lemey general.

A key role in these plans was assigned to B-29 bombers.

Photos: Stalin, Roosevelt.

Various military equipment.

Personnel news about the B-29. Created in Soviet Tu-4, a copy of the B-29.

Photos: V.M.Myasischev, Efremov, Tula Province, the birthplace V.M.Myasischev, the building of a secondary school and graduated V.M.Myasischev.

Bauman building.

Photos: Students Bauman, Tupolev, Myashishev classmates.

The first aircraft designed Myashishev and his classmates became biplane.

TsAGI building.

Photos: V.M.Petlyakov, aircraft, torpedo-plane.

Work on the Li-2. Inspection of Li-2. Photograph and diagram of DVB - 102, a distant high-altitude bomber, designed Myashishev.

Telegram from Stalin appreciated.

The project is four-engine bomber DVB - 202.

Photo V.M.Petlyakova aircraft.


Work at the plant over the tactical bomber Pe-2, which is directed Myashishev chief designer, after the death of V.M.Petlyakova.

Project jet bomber RB-17. The project shall be made in the KB Ilyushin.

Myashishev appointed dean of the MAI, where he teaches classes.

His disciples: G.V.Novozhilov, AATupolev.

Beginning to develop their own long-range strategic bomber, without requiring assistance and not hiding from the authorities.

Air Chief Marshal and Air Marshal P.F.Zhigareva A.A.Novikov, informed Stalin that V.M.Myasischev working on a new project.

U.S. scientists work on intercontinental bomber B-52. Tupolev completed a medium-range jet bomber Tu-16. At a meeting in the Kremlin, Minister of Aviation Industry M.Hrunichev states that it is impossible to increase the range Tu-16 by simply adding engines.

Photo M.Hrunicheva.

Photos Tupolev and Stalin.

EDO building number 23, which was established April 10, 1951 on the basis of an aircraft factory in Fili, where the chief designer was V.M.Myasischev.

Working in EDO. Plan and the development of the first strategic bomber M-4. Presentation of the M-4 and its first flight, which brought together all the leaders aviation industry.

May 9, 1954. Military parade on Red Square, completing the first flight of the strategic bomber.

Tells O.K.Rogozin, deputy head of the USSR Ministry of Defense weapons, PhD.

June 1957. The successful launch of an intercontinental missile R-7. Develop a strategic supersonic bomber M-50. Tests of M-50. photo test - pilots N.Goryainova who had M-50. The development of the missile industry.

EDO № 23 V.N.Chelomeyu handed.

Photo Chelomei.

Photos from the family album Myashishev.

Personnel news air parade in Tushino.

At the parade there Khrushchev and Yuri Gagarin.

Working in TsAGI, head V.M.Myasischev.

Photo Myashishev the desk.

In 1967 he was sent to Myashishev experimental plant in Zhukovsky.

The development and operation of the multi-mode strategic supersonic aircraft.

Tells A.A.Bruk, Deputy General Designer EMRs them.


The plant was given the assignment to develop aircraft with variable projects.

The project was a competition, but this project was handed over to the Tupolev Design Bureau, where on the basis of the scheme was designed Tu-160. Tests of the Tu-160. Tells O.K.Rogozin, deputy head of the USSR Ministry of Defense weapons, PhD. Personnel news 70th anniversary Myashishev.

Photographs and drawings of aircraft models, which are developed V.M.Myasischev.

Photo Minister P.V.Dementeva aviation industry.

Personnel news about the "Buran".

Photo-aircraft G.E.Lozino Lozinski. V.M.Myasischev create a multipurpose high-altitude aircraft M-17, the answer K.Dzhonsonu.

Photo K.Dzhonsona creator reconnaissance aircraft - the U-2 spy.

Photos: Cemetery M-4, the broken aircraft M-17. Flying the Tu-160, "Gzhel" sverhvysotny scout M-55.