Catch up with and destroy. (2002)

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Producer Narodnoe kino

Director: Constantine Orozaliev

Script writers: Constantine Orozaliev, Faid Symphorov

Operators: Ivan Kuptsov

Anouncers: Vasily Lanovoy

Text writers: Yaroslav Golovanov


The history of the legendary escape from the captivity of the Soviet pilot Mikhail Devyataeva hijacked German combat aircraft.

Movie №1 Catch up with and destroy

Germany, Peenemunde.

The former concentration camp, 2002. Is a middle-aged man.

Hangar - Museum of German aircraft of World War II. M.I.Devyataev HSU sits in a German aircraft in the hangar - the museum.

Military operations of World War II. Fighter airfield division Pokryshkin.

Photo M.I.Devyataeva, Lieutenant.

Planning for military aircraft.

Bombardment aircraft from the ground.

The fall and explosion of the plane.

Group of prisoners are on the field.

Interrogation protocol M.I.Devyataeva in German.

Concentration camp Klyaynekeninsberg: walkways, surrounded by barbed wire, people in clothes of prisoners behind barbed wire, wooden houses and watchtowers.

In the barracks people make a tunnel to escape from a concentration camp.

Guard camp bypassing.

Siren, fleeing German soldiers.

Undermining disclosed.

Photo M.I.Devyataeva mother. M.I.Devyataev says.

Photos M.I.Devyataeva brothers: Alexander, Nicephorus, Phaedrus, Peter, Basil, Alex.

Torbeevo village in 1922. Cottage.

Photos: Mother M.I.Devyataeva, rustic house, class M.I.Devyataeva.

Kazan 1935. Photos: Young M.I.Devyataev, flying club pilots, a young woman (wife M.I.Devyataeva).

Tells F.H.Devyataeva wife M.I.Devyataeva.

Photos: M.I.Devyataev and his wife, M.I.Devyataev and his family (children, grandchildren).

Dancing young men.

Training students in the aviation school.

At war.

Destroyed homes, poor road which go machine.

German concentration camp, rank people.

Torture room in a German concentration camp.

Dead people.

Crematorium furnace.

Photo SS chief Himmler.

List of people killed in the ovens crematorium.

Island Uzedon, Peenemünde camp in time of war.

Takeoff, launching projectiles.

Photo by W. von Braun.

German airfield bombers off the bomber.

Missile test and launch.

Rocket explosion.

Figures hangar, aircraft, runway prisoners who are going to run. M.I.Devyataev says.

German technicians working with the aircraft.

German aircraft cabin.

Dispersal of the aircraft on the runway, the plane does not come off the ground, turn the plane and re-clocking takeoff.

Rise of German fighters.

Photo Chief - Lieutenant Gunther Hoboma Luftwaffe. G.Hobom tells the pilot the Luftwaffe 1940-1945 gg

Burning plane, next to the machine and people.

Photos: report of survey of German aircraft hijacked M.I.Devyataevym, reports, minutes of the interrogation.

Kazan today, KGB building.

Germany, Peenemunde. 2002. Stone - a monument to people who escaped from captivity with M.I.Devyataevym.

Kazan after the war.

People go, go machine.

Says wife M.I.Devyataeva.

German airfield Peenemünde, 2002. Meeting M.I.Devyataeva and G.Hoboma.

The Kremlin, Moscow, 1957. Rewarding M.I.Devyataeva star of Hero of the Soviet Union.

Plane taking off.