The fate of the regimental intelligence officer. (2010)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Igor Voznesensky

Script writers: Olga Majatckaya

Operators: Vitaly Kaydanovich

Composers: Sergei Rasskazchikov

Anouncers: Dina Orazaeva


In June 2010, the captain of the first rank, retired Peter Ivanovich Majack 90 years old. War he started one of the first - on the destroyer "Peppy" defense against Nazi air on Sebastopol 22 June 1941, and returned home one of the last - after the completion of the Japanese War. Marines he fought on many fronts, was the commander of a reconnaissance regiment intelligence participated in the operation to capture of Pu Yi, Emperor of Manchukuo. The fate of Peter Mayak had many ups and downs, twists and unexpected coincidences. State awards for successful raids behind enemy lines, delivered the "languages" and valuable information were followed the case to a military tribunal, then the new awards for military merit. At the beginning of the war, he sent his wife to the evacuation in the train, which was then bombed by the Germans. Throughout the war thought she died and gone to the front only on the order of command in the Far East, accidentally found it with the grown by the time her son. Returning home to St. Petersburg, Peter Mayatsky more than 30 years has worked with Nobel laureate, a great writer Mikhail Sholokhov. Appointed first secretary of the Party Committee Veshinskogo, he built roads, elevators, lifting agriculture. He is still in formation, still heads the Council of Veterans Bokovskaya village. District leadership and villagers said Peter Mayak person able to take a wise decision. No official action, up to the elections, is not without its active participation. The man - the legend, the master of his native land, the father of two sons, many grandchildren and great grandchildren believe that Russia - the great country and proud that I was able to contribute to her story.

Movie №1 The fate of the regimental intelligence officer

On the way a car drives, the NDP right pointer

Harvester to harvest cereals, NDP down and hitting the ears of wheat

Older people and a girl sitting on a background of bushes in the garden

Members of the family in the garden

Members of the family in the garden

Members of the family in the garden

Family members in the Garden Freeze

Family members in the garden ran over Peter Ivanovich

Peter Ivanovich, freeze

Young Peter Ivanovich, Departure

Three young men, hitting the Pyotr

Peter Ivanovich - the sailor, three sailors on leave

SCOUT'S FATE regimental

NDP right with Peter Ivanovich on car pulls

Pyotr and his wife greeted grandchildren

Pyotr and his wife greeted grandchildren and children

The girl's face on the background of pots of geraniums

Peter Ivanovich, his wife and granddaughter in the background of the house

Peter Ivanovich in the yard

Peter Ivanovich out of the yard to the street, the NDP left

Pyotr amid street left pass footage

Pyotr Mayatsky

Pyotr enters the room

Poland down to the pictures on the map

Mayak photo on the wall in the form of

Mayatsky on background images

NDP up by photos of veterans

Portrait Sholokhov, Poland right in the photo of the films

Mayatsky in the form of a sailor

Sailor Black Sea Fleet

A man writes a letter, NDP upward

The men go down the ladder

Lighthouse on the background of the mountains (view from the sea), the NDP left

German aircraft in flight, the NDP right

Bomber dropped bombs

View of the earth from an airplane

Shooting from the ship's guns

Mayatsky against the bookcase to the right place shots chronicle

It takes a boat to the military, the NDP right

Military Deck boats

A view of the beach from the sea

Sailors approach by boat to the shore (seen from behind)

Troopers comes ashore

Boats go to the bank, the NDP right

The soldier fires a gun

Soldiers running along the shore, the NDP right

Mayatsky in the room, on the right are pictures from Chronicle

Mayatsky against bookcase

Sailor shoots a machine gun, hitting


View of the Kremlin

The night sky beams running from the spotlights

Stalin Mausoleum

It takes a column of sailors in the foreground lattice fence

Against the background of the Arc de Triomphe are sailors

The men fled in smoke

Mayatsky in the form of a sailor (computer graphics)

A snow-covered field, passing tanks and run skiers in camouflage

Pass by the monument to the sailors, the NDP up


The men are hiding behind boulders on the

Sailors run across the field to the right NDP

Burning plane flies

Sailors run across the field to the right NDP

Sailor shoots a machine gun

Mayatsky the table, from left are shots chronicle

In the fleeing soldiers in camouflage (seen from behind)

A group of soldiers in camouflage is the snow, snowstorm

The soldiers are captured in the snow, snowstorm

There is a group of scouts, blizzard

Mayatsky Stock Photo, right, pass shots chronicle

Mayatsky on background images

Mayatsky on background images

Military group shot

Don Cossack

Cossacks galloping, Poland right face appears younger Mayak (computer graphics)

Cossacks galloping

Cossacks galloping column, Poland right

Cossacks galloping

Cossacks galloping across the field, the NDP left

Cossacks ride along the fence

Cossack plow, in the background the church

Cossack riding a horse

Persons boys leaving

Herd of cows, the NDP left

Poland left the horse at the boy, leading the horse by uztsy

Against the mountain pole and wires

NDP left on buildings

Miner in the mine

Coal on the conveyor

Mayatsky with a friend, hitting

Mayatsky with his friends in the form, hitting the Mayak

NDP up from the grass on the river

Poland left the field grass and sweeper

Mayatsky with her granddaughter in garden

Girl watering a flower bed with a hose

Mayatsky with her granddaughter in garden

The girl's face against the Mayak

Mayatsky and granddaughter watering garden

Mayatsky amid foliage

Mayatsky and granddaughter watering garden

Children's hand with a hose on a background of green

Mayatsky garden

NDP up Majack leaning on a cane

Mayatsky Stock Photo, go to the right shots chronicle

Soldiers in camouflage walk in the snow

The commander of the reconnaissance

A group of military goes out of the water, the night

(STOCK / f)

The military look at the river, night (seen from behind)

(STOCK / f)

Soldiers creep along fences, night

(STOCK / f)

View of the river bank covered the spotlight, night

(STOCK / f)

Hand pencil marks on the map

German soldier on guard (STOCK / f)

Face among the fir branches (STOCK / f)

German aircraft at the airport, left Poland

Hands typing on a typewriter

In the hands of the tickertape

Two officers in the forest, to the officer comes another officer

(STOCK / f)

Scouts run across a stream on a log

(STOCK / f)

Chain of German soldiers in the forest (the frame of the / f)

Soldiers with their hands is to meet German soldiers

(STOCK / f)

Soldiers carry a comrade (STOCK / f)

Mayatsky on the background photo, go to the right shots chronicle

Attack that left Poland

German soldiers get out of the shelter in the ground

Mayatsky on the background photo, go to the right shots chronicle

Group of scouts on the bank of the river (the frame of the / f)

A view of the beach and the river, the shore lights spotlight (STOCK / f)

Partizan read out the detachment

Officers in the dugout (STOCK / f)

Mayatsky on the background photo, go to the right shots chronicle

Hands on the map

Two Marshal map view, sitting at the table

Military train rides

Soldiers in the car on a background of flashing homes

The shadow of a locomotive on the rails

The Japanese military, the NDP left

Henry Pu Yi to read the text

The military on the scene, the curtains hung a Japanese flag and the flag of Nazi Germany

The hall is Henry Pu Yi

Henry Pu Yi

Mayatsky on the background photo, go to the right shots chronicle Petro Mayatsky

Mayatsky with friends, hitting

Mayatsky with comrades, hit a friend

Mayatsky with comrades in naval uniform, departure

Mayatsky and his wife are considering a photo album on the right are frames with photos and Chronicle

NDP right to Mayak with flowers on a sign on a fence

Mayatsky comes with flowers

Stone on the grave of Sholokhov, hit a branch

Mayatsky puts flowers (Bottom View)

Mayatsky amid foliage (seen from behind)

Mayatsky against eating

Mayatsky and Sholokhov

Mayatsky looks at the portrait of Sholokhov

Sholokhov, and others on the podium

Sholokhov and Mayatsky, impact

Sholokhov, Mayatsky other, hitting

Mayatsky and Sholokhov, impact

Sholokhov and Mayatsky, impact

Mayatsky on the background photo, go to the right shots chronicle (Sholokhov)

Mayatsky and Sholokhov next with farmers

Sholokhov with farmers

Mayatsky and Gagarin, the departure

The room Mayatsky sitting with his wife, going to the right shots chronicle (Sholokhov)

Maria Danilovna Majack

Pointer before stanitsa

Son comes to Mayatskovu, Poland right

Mayatsky with her son and grandchildren are on the edge of the field

Mayatsky with his family in a landscape

Grandchildren of ears

NDP right from the branches of the tree on the river

There is a group of people under the accordion and sings

The girl ran up to the wedding, the NDP right

The rings on the car, left the NDP for the bride and groom with friends

A man playing the accordion, the women dance

Accordion in his hands

Mayatsky with wife

Mayatsky with his wife in the room, go to the right in photo frames

Ships at sea against the shore, the NDP right

By hugs couples are sailors

Hands collect grenades

Woman running on the machine

Woman puts flask projectile to another flask

The shadow of the engine on the ground, the NDP right and up on the rails

Burning buildings in the foreground w / a path

Mayatskovy, hit a Mayatskovu

Mayatskova against the wall, to the right are shots chronicle

Majack against the window, hitting

Archive Peter Mayak


Mayatskovy, impact

Mayatskovy, Departure

Majack sons, hitting the Mayak

Mayatsky with his wife and son, leaving

Mayatsky in the form of his son, impact

Mayak son and his wife

Mayak son and his wife and son, hit a son

Mayatsky in the form of a grandchild, the departure

Mayatsky with his wife and grandson, Departure

Mayatsky grandson with his grandfather in his uniform and cap, leaving

Majack with granddaughter, impact

Two great-grandchildren, the departure

Family Mayatskovyh

Mayatskovy against the house, leaving

Mayak son left stills

Vitaly Mayatsky son

Man against the wall, to the left are images from the film

Andrew Mayatsky, grandson

The boy on the background of the piano on the right are pictures from movies

Ivan Mayatsky, grandson

The boys in the field of wheat ears, left Poland

The boys in the field of wheat ears, left Poland

Check out the tree at the memorial

Busts military

Poland left the branches of the tree on the river

Mayatsky against river

Check out the poster on the building of the people in the square

Mayatsky form and other veterans, the NDP right

Mayatsky talking with a man

Mayatsky veterans

Order of Lenin on his uniform

Military band and townspeople in the square, the NDP right

The military in the ranks, the NDP left

The soldiers in the ranks

Mayak in the form of sitting on the bench