The Sixth Part of the World. No. 1 "From Edge to Edge" (1926)

Documentary №27328, 3 parts, duration: 0:52:47
Director:Dziga Vertov


"The sixth part of the World" is a propaganda picture created by order of the foreign trade enterprise Gostorg and popularizing the export opportunities of the Soviet Union. Filming of films about Gostorg was carried out throughout the Union: shooting furs in the Far North, harvesting flax in the north and in the central regions, raising sheep for making karakul in the Caucasus, growing bread in the black earth and southern granaries, loading goods in the largest ports. The film also shows the revolutionary struggle of the working class.

Reel №1 The sixth part of the world. No. 1 "from edge to edge."

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Flying aircraft.

Raked hands gold items and coins, extravagant couple dancing the foxtrot.

Industrial landscape.

Scenes of the capitalist way of life: a girl sitting at the table eating, the servants bustling at the buffet.

Man and woman sitting imposingly, smoking, dancing couples, DJing.

The elevator at the factory, a large magnet lifts scrap

Legs and face dancers alternate plans for the plants.

Calendar: 1926

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The life of the rich people in the capitalist countries.

The position of workers in capitalist countries.

Siberian taiga.

Representatives of different nationalities of the USSR.

Various parts of the Soviet Union: agriculture, industry, transport, trade, cooperatives.

Calendar: 1926

Reel №3

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Comparison of life and living conditions of people around the world with life in the Soviet Union.

Vestiges of the old system:

Dancing shaman.

Ancient ceremonies.


Different religions:

Muslims in the square in Central Asia;

Orthodox Christians pray;



Black Sea.

Arctic Ocean, the ships stuck in the ice, the icebreaker "Lenin" goes through the ice.

Bags of goods.

Of the machine.

Work factories.

Veiled women shed their veils.

Woman writes.

Buryat Mongols and read the newspaper "Pravda".

Mongolian children join Pioneer detachment.

Herders North.

Irrigation steppes.

Electrification of villages.

Readers room.

People listen radiodoklad Square.

Industrial landscapes.

Work arrangements.

Hydroelectric dam, water flows.

Factories, smoke pipes.

Record of Stalin's speech.

Of the machine.

Tractors leave the factory.

Assembling tractors in the shop.

The crowd on the square waving his arms.

Lenin's Mausoleum.

Demonstrations of workers in Western countries.

Distribution of weapons in China.

The work on the plantations.

Mechanisms work in a factory.

Calendar: 1926

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