Stalinism (1930-1947)

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Scene №1 Stalinism

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1939, Fergana: Construction Fergana Canal.

Thousands of people in the construction of the canal.

Automobile for a new road in the mountains.

Shepherds with a flock of sheep.

Bunches of grapes.


Apples on a branch.

Apple picking.

Boy eats an apple.



Bales of cotton.

Eared field.

Harvesters in the field.


30th years.: Children in summer kindergarten: play, wash, lunch.

Stalin smokes a pipe, meet and talk with the workers in the Kremlin.

Playing Molotov, M.Kalinin, Josef Stalin, K.Voroshilov, S.Kirov.

Stalin smokes a pipe.

Stalin with the meeting cotton, kisses M.Nahangovu.

S.Kirov looks.

Stalin at the airport, pilots are worth V.Chkalov.

Are soldiers on Red Square.

Children waving, laughing.

1937, Moscow: A meeting of the expedition, in an open car rides M.Gromov.

In an open car rides V.Chkalov with family.

Flying flyers.

I.D.Papanin passes in an open car in the street.

E.Krenkel welcomes welcoming of the car.

Stalin's speech at the Bolshoi Theatre (synchronously).


Stalin drinks water from a glass.


Stalin I.V. Papanin I.D. Chkalov V.P. Gromov M.M. -- pilot Krenkelj E. Kirov S.M. Molotov V. Voroshilov K.E. Kalinin M.I.

Calendar: 30th years.

Scene №2 Stalinism

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The newspaper "Soviet Sakhalin" for 1947 - an article with reference to Stalin miners.

Passing the miners in the mine on the rails, working in the mine.

Moving trucks with coal trains with coal by rail.

Provincial town - shot from above.

Shooting with the train on the bridge across the river.

Mowers in the field.

Working girl on the haymaking.

Harvesting of cabbage.

The girl is in the hands of two male cabbage.

Miners in the mine.

Moving coal.

The look of mine.

View mining town from a helicopter.

30s.: Railway construction in the winter.


Rally builders.

Passing freight train.

People in cars barred.

People (exiles) out of the car, are escorted along the road closed gate of the camp.

Key words


Calendar: 30th years. 1947

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