History of aviation. (1903 - 1973)

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Scene №1 History of aviation

A trace of the aircraft in the sky.

German aircraft on the field.

People around the aircraft.

Talking pilots.

Attempts to take off in an airplane.

Planes in the sky.


People around the aircraft.

Aircraft taken out of the hangar.

The pilot of the plane.

Aircraft company "Lufthansa" in the sky.



Parade, people form the words on the board.

Planes in the sky in the air parade.


Children run model airplanes.

Children show off their model airplanes pilots.

Nazi army soldiers run model airplanes.

Pilots in the cockpit.

The bombing of the earth.


1910-1940 years.


Germany [84]


Scene №2 History of aviation

"Flying over the conquered lands in Anatolia."

1916: Pilots prepare aircraft "Voisin" and "Mora parasol" to fly, take the bombs and board the plane, the plane takes off.

Aircraft in flight, the pilots (including a woman) of the plane

1908-1916: The plane in the sky.

Soldiers look at the sky, take aim.

Nicholas II and Alexandra Fyodorovna, Prince, and Grand Duchess on the ship.

Submarine dive in the sea.

Team on the ship.

1939-1945: The Soviet pilot in the cockpit.

Shelling of areas from the plane.

1936-1937: VP Chkalov, GD Bajdukov, AV Belyaev at the airport in the U.S., at the plane.

The plane takes off.

1943-1945: Aircraft in the sky.

Shoot "Katyusha".


Attack of tanks and infantry.

Shoot guns.

The Korean War 1950-1953: hoisting the flag.

Burning the American flag.


Are captured.

Aircraft on the airfield.

Pilots board the plane.

06/26/1950: plane taking off, the aircraft in the sky.

Are captured American soldiers.

Sit prisoners.

1955: South Vietnam planes drop bombs, explosions on the ground.

Fires burnt land.

Fight on the ground.

Carry the wounded to the helicopters, helicopters take off.

70: Afghanistan: spooks are weapons in the mountains.

Medical worker sitting by the window.

Downed aircraft.

Laden donkey.

Afghan spooks weapons (night).

1936: Pass Stalin, K.Voroshilov, Molotov and others

Stalin and Voroshilov passes down the pilots in the air parade, salute.

The pilots in the ranks.

Stalin shaking hands with the pilot.

Pilots Kokkinaki Suprun, Shevchenko Evseev Priman greeted with Stalin.

Pilot Urazova.


Five planes in the sky at air parade.

Stalin looks.

1938-1945: The assembly of aircraft at the aircraft plant.

Pass pilots.

Of coppice out pilots, wear helmets, talking.

Story of women pilots in the forest.

Pilots go to the plane.

Plane takes off.

Pilots board the plane, set the machine-gun tape in flight.


Burning earth (night).

1941-1943: German planes in the skies over Leningrad.

Crumbling house.

Soviet anti-aircraft gunners on the banks of the Neva.


Falls Nazi aircraft.

Flying over the countryside.

30th: Plane takes off.

Planes in the sky in the form of a five-pointed star.

Luli on air parade.

1941-1945: Pilot I.Kozhedub.

Pilot A.Pokryshkin.


Battle at Sea (Arctic).

The crew of the submarine - N.Dunin.


70s.: Military aircraft taking off.

Pass the pilots on the airfield, board the plane.

Fly two aircraft.

Air traffic controllers.

The pilots of the plane.

1941-1945: German plane on a snowy airfield.

In the hangar paint over a swastika on the plane.

Inspect the aircraft.

Draw a five-pointed star.

Cockpit, the inscription in German.

Take out the aircraft from the hangar.

Pilot sits in the plane takes off.

Flying over the countryside.

Awarding of the pilots in the woods.

B.Sher cameraman at the front.

The operator sits in the plane.

The operator removes the airfield lying.

Airstrike, explosions on the ground, fire, falling aircraft.

Stalingrad: the view from the Volga.

House explodes.

1903: Man on the machine with wings trying to get off the ground; jumping from stone.

1941-1945: Pilot in the circle of relatives.

30th: Combat Training pilots:

Preparation of aircraft for flight.

The aircraft hung bombs.

Pilots get the job, sit in the aircraft.

Plane takes off.

Planes in the sky.

Drop bombs.

A pilot in the cockpit.

Fighter at the airfield.

Bomber airfield.

Aircraft in the air.

Plane on the water.

Alight on water jet.

1941-1945: Pilot B.Safonov out of the plane.

Safonov, at the headquarters of the pilots from the map.

Awards Safonov, Safonov with the handset.

Boris and Dmitry Glinka.

Soviet aircraft in the sky.


A.Pokryshkin out of the plane, he is greeted by pilots, thrown in the air.

70s.: Pilots at the school on shooting simulators.

Flies military aircraft.

Commanders in the control cabin.

Planes in the air.

1941-1945: diving plane.

Loaded stretchers with the wounded to an ambulance at the front.

Are wounded.

Burning land.

Is a child.



The hand presses the trigger.

Planes in the air.



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