XI Summer Olympics (1936)

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Scene №1 XI Summer Olympics

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The ruins of the Acropolis in the dark.

Acropolis, views from different angles.

Sculptures of Greek gods.

Sculpture "comes alive" and becomes a man.

A man throws a disc.

Athletes throw the disc, the nucleus, the spear.

Athlete running with a spear, throwing it.

Athlete has an iron core.

Shadows of hands in a dance.

Female feet.

Girl jumping rope.

A girl with a hoop.

Girls do various exercises.

Fire burns in the background of the girls.

An athlete with a torch.

A man runs with the torch.

The torch relay.

Athletes run from the Greek Acropolis, in the woods, along the coast, through the city.

Map of the route the Olympic flame.

Different cities and countries in the


Stadium, the bell tolls, the stands are full of spectators.

Hitler, he is greeted by masses of people.

Olympic flags.

Rural landscape.

Water oak leaves.

Dew on the grass,

Web, the sun's reflection in the water.

Bird on a branch.

Heron in the grass.

Rays of light breaking through the leaves of trees.

Watering plant in the lawn.

The trees are running athletes.

Reflection of men in the water.

Men run out of water.

Men wash in the bath.

Men bathe in the lake, jumping off a bridge.

A squad of athletes coming down the street.

Olympic Village.

Athletes do exercises, warm up.

Kangaroo jumps.

Athletes warm up exercise.

Training with the ball.


Discus Throw and core.


Jumping height steeplechase.

Athletes at rest.

Olympic Stadium, the output of delegations from

flags of countries.

Girls dancing in the stadium, living pictures.

Olympic symbols.

Mast yacht with different flags.

Sailing yachts and ships.

Hitler was on the ship.

The sailors on the ship.

Yacht sailing next to the ship.

Athletes run yachts, sails inflated by the wind.

Yacht races.



Fencing, see shadows of athletes.

Men fences, shake hands.

Boxing ring.



Pool, swimming women.

Jubilant podium.

Competition in diving.

Stadium, the bell tolls.

Searchlight beams,

Olympic flame.

Flags of different countries.

Olympic flag.

The Olympic flame is extinguished.

The smoke from the fire.

Key words

Fragment d / f "Olympia" Leni Riefenstahl


Gitler A.

Calendar: Summer 1936

Locations: Athens, Greece Germany, Berlin

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