History of aviation (1925-1937)

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Scene №1 History of aviation

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1937: Josef Stalin, K.Voroshilov on the podium during an air parade.

Plane in the sky, landing.

The spectators in the stands.

Meeting participants at the Central Airport flight "Moscow-North Pole" Schmidt, VS Molokova, MV Vodopianov.

Out of the plane OY Schmidt.

Stalin greets and kisses with participants flight "Moscow-North Pole" at the Central Airport.

Car trip with participants passing through the streets of Moscow.

Flying flyers.

Cars entering the Kremlin.

Aviaparada: From aircraft skydivers jump, watch the audience.

Squadron in the sky.

Paratroopers on the wing aircraft, "Maxim Gorky", jump.

1937: Aircraft labeled "Arctic Air" on the polar airfield.

Plane takes off.

The plane in the sky.

Schmidt, I. Papanin E. Ernst, W. Molokov, Babushkin M., M. Vodopyanov, V. Vishnevsky at the airport in Kholmogory among residents.

Refueling aircraft.

Residents escort pilots.

Aircraft is the figure in the sky.

Key words

Polar expedition

Calendar: 1937

Scene №2

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Glider competition in the Crimea (Koktebel)

Towing gliders to start.

Gliders are on the field.

Gribovsky pilot gliders "G-2" and "G-6".

Gliders in the air.

Viewing audience.

Stepanchenok glider pilot "Dragon".

Glider in the sky.

Yumashev glider pilot "Gamayun."

Cost Yumashev pilot after the flight.

Furs placed in boxes, loaded the glider.

Glider in the sky.

Delivery gliders to start.

Gliders in the sky.

Borodin glider pilot "The Seagull."

Calendar: 1925

Scene №3

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Planes at the Tushino airfield.

Airplane "Maxim Gorky".

Young gliders with model gliders.

Pilot sits in the plane takes off.

Molotov and Kaganovich stand.


The plane in the sky.

Viewing audience.

The plane carried the figure in the sky.

Parachutist jumps.

Calendar: 1934

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