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United Nations - The debate over Rhodesia. France - Iranians living in France, in protest against the regime in Iran. The city of Paris, March 10. ITALY - The trial of members of a terrorist organization "Red Brigade." Turin, March 10. Syria - Lebanon - Speaking at the People's Council, President al-Assad said that the existence of a Palestinian state is a major problem for the Middle East. The representative of the Lebanese Liberation Front comment on the presence of Arab military forces in Lebanon. Damascus, Beirut, March 8. Italy - The Secretary of the Socialist Party of Craxi and Communist Party General Secretary E. Berlinguer parliamentary session dedicated to the formation of a new government. The city of Rome, 8-9 March. Italy - Prime Minister George Andreotti announce the composition of the new government. The city of Rome, March 11. England - Arrival of Yugoslav President Josip Broz Tito for talks with British ministers. Heathrow Airport, London. March 10. Turkey, Greece, Switzerland - Conversation Turkish Prime Minister Ecevit and Greek President Karamanlis to reporters after the two-day talks. March 11. USA - Press conference of President George Carter about the events in the Horn of Africa and the situation in Rhodesia. Washington, March 9. United Nations - The leaders of the Patriotic Front of Zimbabwe Mugabe and J. Nkomo addressed the Security Council on the domestic settlement in Rhodesia. New York City, March 9. USA - Competitions chariots. City of Winnemucca, Nevada. USA - New record of Mike Tully in the pole vault for indoor. Detroit, Michigan, on March 11. Holland - Marines and police frees hostages South molukanskimi extremists in one of the government buildings. Assen, March 14. Japan - President T. Zhivkov's Bulgaria with Emperor Hirohito during an official visit to Japan T. Zhivkov. Tokyo, March 13. USA - International tennis tournament. Dallas, March 12. England - Football. The meeting between the teams and the Orient Lindlsboro. The City of London, March 14. Rhodesia - Lieutenant General P. Uollz, who commanded the Rhodesian raid into Zambia, answers questions from a reporter. Exhibition of seized weapons. City of Salisbury. Somalia - Report on Mogadishu, in which, according to a representative of the Western Somali Liberation Front, expect a large influx of refugees from the areas affected by the hostilities. Mogadishu, 11/12 March. Canada - World Figure Skating Championships. City of Ottawa. March 10. South Africa, South Africa - Funeral R. Sobukve. Crowd protesting against the participation in the funeral procession Zulu leader G. Buthelezi. March 11.