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Austria - Instrumental ensemble "Cadillac." New fashion of music, clothes, manners - "Punk Rock" (a group of young boys, overgrown, dressed in ragged, dirty clothes, ape). Germany - The award for special achievements in the field of film and popularity. The prize "Bambi" (Disney figurine deer) is awarded an American director F. Tsinnemanu for the film "Julia", the actor Heinz Ryumannu both. West Berlin - West Berlin Film Festival. The opening of the festival. Meeting. Awarding the prize "Golden Screen" Garry Erchinelu, president of Walt Disney. Turkey - Ancient Rock City in Anatolia - Goreme. The caves in the cliffs. Ornaments in the caves. Cappadocia. Germany - Kinobal organized by the head of the Cologne advertising firm Menzer on the movie "War of the planets." The audience in extravagant costumes. Fashion show "a la Menzel" - a new direction "punk fashion" (dirt, rags, revealing clothes.) Holland - New York band style "punk rock", "Blondie" on tour in Amsterdam. Shop 'Punk shop "in Amsterdam: sell broken, mud-spattered clothes.