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Israel - Soldiers of the security forces and rescue workers trying to rescue passengers was blown up by Palestinian guerrillas bus. Tel-Aviv, March 11. USA - Rallies miners reject the Taft-Hartley Act, which required miners to end the strike. Farmers bring miners products. Kentucky, March 6. Canada - World Cup of Curling. City of Winnipeg, March 30. IzrailIerusalim - Speech by Prime Minister M. Begin in the Knesset about the immutability of his policies in the Middle East. March 29. Senegal - Celebrating the 18th anniversary of independence. City Dakar, April 4. Vietnam - Destruction in Dong Thap province, attacked Cambodians. Area Vietnamese-Cambodian border. Lebanon - UN troops took positions along the line of fire between Palestinian and Israeli soldiers near the Litani River. South Lebanon, March 28. Lebanon - Palestinian forces and leftist Lebanese show Israelis captured weapons. South Lebanon, March 3. USA - President George Carter announces the commissioning of the Taft-Hartley Act of 30 years ago, which required miners to break the strike and return to work for 80 days. Washington, March 6. U.S. - Central State Bank. The people at the windows of my dollars because of the dollar's decline in Europe. New York Stock Exchange. New York City, March 2. Germany - Work Exchange. Frankfurt, March 1. Spain - Protests against unemployment. Madrid, February 25. Germany - U.S. military personnel, who lived with his family in Germany, who was forced to shop at the cheapest stores due to a sharp fall in the dollar. Frankfurt, March 6. Rhodesia - Special Report on the continuing guerrilla war in the country, despite the agreement between Ian Smith and the leaders of black nationalists of the internal settlement. (Patriotic Front, who heads the guerrilla war, the talks did not participate). Country: Rhodesia and Malta, 1977-1978 year. USA - West Virginia mines, where workers refused to suspend the strike and return to work. Town West Virginia, March 13.