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Jerusalem and Egypt - talks U.S. Secretary of State Cyrus Vance to A. M. Begin, Sadat and to continue their talks on the Middle East. Cities: Jerusalem, Cairo, January 20. Bolivia - The funeral of 17-year old student who was killed in clashes between police and protesters during the 24-hour strike. The city of La Paz. Israel - the West Bank - Residents of Shiloh celebrate Day of the Tree. City of Shiloh, on January 23. France. - President Valery Giscard d'Estaing speaks at a campaign rally. Burgundy City, January 26. Germany - Laboratory, where scientists are trying to raise cattle, transplanting embryos from other animals, particularly from Canadian cows. Hannover. South Africa - the effects of floods. January 28. Rhodesia - Statement of Bishop Muzorewa to reporters about the negotiations with the administration of black nationalists Ian Smith about the internal settlement in the country. Salisbury, 27 January. Nicaragua - Remarks by President Somoza to protesters after anti-government general strike. Managua, on January 29. Nicaragua - The impact of a general strike and unrest related to the death of newspaper editor Pedro Ismubrry - one of the leaders of the anti-government opposition. Managua, on January 27. U.S. - with major snow storm in the Midwest. Michigan, on January 26. New Zealand - Track and Field international competitions. Beg. City of Dunedin, on January 25. USA - athletics competitions indoors - Milrouz game. New York City, on January 27. Algeria - The members of the commission to investigate the crimes of the military junta in Chile speak to reporters. Algiers, on 26 January. Angola - Soldiers help farmers till the fields. England - Snow drifts on the tracks in Scotland. January 29. Colombia - Overcrowding cemetery capital. Bogota.