Foreign newsreels 1978 № 5534

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EEC - Belgium - The negotiations Yugoslav trade delegation with representatives of the EEC trade agreement for 5 years. City of Brussels, 13 February. USA - Secretary of State Cyrus Vance said at a news conference that the Israeli settlements in Sinai, contrary to international law. Washington, Feb. 10. Somalia - Mass rally in support announced by the Government Barre mobilization and administration of public emergency. City Mogadishu, February 12. France - C. Woodhead thirteen American set a new world record in swimming in the 800 meters. The city of Paris, February 10. Somalia - Record volunteers wishing to enter military service, after a call C. Barre. Mogadishu, 13 February. UN - Meeting of the Special Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space. Statement by the Representative of Canada on the Soviet satellite that fell into the territory of Canada. February 13. Congo - Journalists demonstrate body of the former captain of the presidential guard, a suspect in the assassination of President Communion Ngouabi. City Brazzaville, February 12. Rhodesia - United States - United Kingdom - The U.S. ambassador to the UN, E. Young, and British Foreign Secretary David Owen gives an interview on the progress of Rhodesia agreement on internal settlement. The city of Washington, London, 16 February. Rhodesia - Muzorewa, Ian Smith, MD Gabela are interviewed about their agreement on internal settlement in the country. Salisbury, 15 February. Israel - Jerusalem - Doctors assist the victims of the bomb explosion in a bus, the responsibility for which is assumed by the Palestinian resistance. The city of Jerusalem, 14 February. USA - UK - Report of fourteen American athlete who managed after a serious brain injury to return to the sport and has received an international award for courage "for athletic prowess." Arizona, the city of London, February 15, 1978. Germany - Negotiations Egyptian Foreign Minister Kamel M. V.Sheelem Germany with President and Foreign Minister Genscher. The city of Bonn, February 15. Italy - Closing ceremony of the three leading trade unions in Italy, to discuss the government's plan to freeze wages for the next 3 years. The city of Rome, February 14. Kenya - Foreign Minister of Ethiopia about the incident with the Egyptian civil aircraft, forced to sit in Nairobi. Nairobi, 18 February. Tanzania - Statement by Argentine Peronist movement against white settlement plan Rhodesians in Northern Argentina (synchronously). The city of Dar es Salaam, 15 February. Spain - Boxing. Englishman Watts reserves the title of European lightweight champion, winning the decisive battle Spaniard Fernandez. Sudan - The mass rally on reconciliation between the government of Chad and the National Liberation Front. Khartoum, 10 February.