Foreign newsreels 1977 № 5482

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Poland - Warsaw Preparing for the visit of U.S. President Carter Polshu.22 December. Pakistan - Bangladesh President's visit to Islamabad. December 22. Japan - U.S. soldiers involved in the fight, "sumo". Iran - Rescue operations in the villages affected by the earthquake. December 21. India. - The visit to India, the former West German Chancellor Willy Brandt. City of Delhi, December 21. Belgium - Football. Italy and Belgium. December 21. Congo - The signing of a new agreement on cultural, economic and political cooperation between the Congo and Bulgaria. Brazzaville City, December 21. Italy - The story of an Italian motorcycle racer Agostini. 1973-1975. Filmed in Japan and Spain. Peru - The funeral of former President Juan Alvardo. Lima, December 26. Cyprus - Children of the Greek sector allowed to visit their parents in the Turkish sector for Christmas. Nicosia, 23 December. Pakistan - Members of the Shiite Muslim sect celebrate a religious festival of Ashura. 21, 22 December. Italy - Archaeologists exploring the ruins of the Colosseum. The city of Rome, 16-19 December. Israel - Lebanese Christians are sent to Israel to celebrate Christmas. December 21. Australia - Interview right minister (synchronously). South Africa - Wedding circus a circus arena. Pretoria. Brazil - Works to protect the settlement from landslides. The city of Rio de Janeiro. Yugoslavia - Conference on European Security completes its work. Belgrade, December 22. France - The release and repatriation of French citizens captured guerrillas front Polisario in Mauritania. The city of Paris, December 23.