Foreign newsreels № 1401 (1967)

News №29218, 4 footages, duration: 0:13:30

Temporary description:

USA: American Chronicle of the First World War and the postwar years. (1914-1920 gg.). U.S. President Roosevelt.

Scene №1 The U.S. Army in World War I

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Soldiers systems are on the streets of the city, loaded on a ship.

Sailors look out the windows, smiling and waving from the ships.

People on the pier.

Soldier with a puppy in his arms.

Soldiers at the table, dinner on a boat in lifejackets.

Soldiers descend on the coast, are on the streets of European cities.


Passes a formation of soldiers under the American flag.

Women throw flowers.

Fighting in the First World War, explosions.

Soldiers ran out of the dugout, fleeing the attack on the snowy field.

Infantry is on the road in the countryside, passing trucks.

There is a tank, the cavalry rides across the river.

Soldiers surrendering.

POW camp, the soldiers behind barbed wire.

Soldiers fleeing the attack, fall wounded.

Anti-German demonstration in America.

Formation of soldiers passes through the ruined city.

Ruins of houses.

Calendar: 1917-1918

Scene №2 President Franklin Delano Roosevelt

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Roosevelt aboard, waving to people on the wharves.

General view of New York (from the ship).

Washington, dome building of Congress (Capitol).

Panorama of the meeting hall.

Roosevelt in the office.

Roosevelt rides in an open car through the streets of the city, speaks at a rally talking with people.

Building of the White House.

Roosevelt in the car passes through the streets of the city.

Calendar: 30th

Locations: USA

Scene №3 Savor New York

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Passage through the evening streets of New York: glowing signs, skyscrapers.

Representation in a variety show: dancing black artist.

Amusement Park: people in revolving wheel.

Race: the audience looking ladies in hats.

Jazz band playing Louis Armstrong: Armstrong plays trumpet, drummer.


Woman in a beauty parlor.

Fashion show.

Dance evening.

The bartender shakes up a cocktail.

Beauty contest: the contestants in swimsuits are on the podium.

Calendar: 30th

Locations: New York, United States

Scene №4

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