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DRV - Hanoi. The post-war economic reconstruction plan in action. Rehabilitation and construction of Hanoi. Recovery of industrial enterprises. Portugal - suppression, the crackdown by military forces. Lisbon, on January 31. Portugal - Lisbon, January 31. Political demonstrations are continuing, despite the government's ban on demonstrations. Portugal - The first congress of the Christian Democratic Party. February 1, Figueira. Soldiers guarding the hotel where the congress is working. Israel - The protesters are demanding the right of the population in the occupied territory. Jerusalem, January 29, 1975 Cambodia - Strengthening the battle for Phnom Penh. Cambodian patriots intensified shelling of Phnom Penh. Angola - The ceremony of transfer of power to the legitimate African government, which included representatives of the three movements for liberation. Luanda, January 31. Tanzania, Angola - Celebrating the 14th anniversary of the struggle for the liberation of Angola. Dar es Salaam, February 4. India - Prime Minister of India is discussing with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Jamaica, the upcoming meeting of prime ministers of the Commonwealth. H-Delhi, January 31. India - A demonstration in Delhi against the one-party system introduced in Bangladesh. Germany - A new computer system allows you to record all processes of cardiac surgery. France - Independent Republican Party Congress opens its warning to those members who do not agree with the reforms of the President. France - The Congress Socialists began with attacks against their communist partners. USA - The company that produces master keys, the kidnappers called Watergate, the CIA and the FBI - their most satisfied customers. USA - The creator of fashionable clothes in Illinois is fashion 1975: pulenepronitsaemuyu clothes. England - Professional football learn from grace of ballet masters. Syria - The Eritrean Liberation Front announces a broad attack on the main Ethiopian city.