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Zambia - The main nationalist leaders in Rhodesia sent Dar Salam with Estonian Presidents Round and Khama of Botswana for talks on the Rhodesian constitution. International Women's Year - Spec. report. "Three quarters of a century of struggle for women's equality." The historical material, newsreels 1913 - 1974 years. from different countries. Syria - The two-day visit AN Gromyko confirms support for the Arab countries of the USSR. February 1, 1975 Iraq - Arab organizations condemn the imperialist aggression of the reaction of Iran. February 1975 Lebanon and Egypt - The Arab world is mourning the death of the singer's mind Kalthouma. Syria and Egypt - Andrei Gromyko meeting with PLO Chairman Yasser Arafat in Damascus and talks in Cairo with Egyptian President A. Sadat and the Minister of Foreign Affairs - Fahmi. Syria - Arrival of the Czechoslovak delegation to Damascus for talks on closer cooperation. Lebanon - The leader of the Eritrean Liberation Front Idriss says about the current situation in Ethiopia. Lebanon - Residents of the village of Kfar Sholva destroyed during the recent fighting, returned to pick up their belongings during a brief truce. France - Meeting of President Bongo of Gabon and President of France - Giscard d'Estaing. Paris, February 4. France - French President talks with Chancellor of Germany. Subject talks - Britain and the Common Market. Paris, February 3. Senegal - Eleven countries are discussing the conference situation created as a result of the drought. Dakar, February 3. The Malagasy Republic, Madagascar - General Ramanantsua over power the newly formed government. Singapore - The first baby orangutan born at the zoo in Singapore. Cyprus - Turkish-Cypriot refugees return to Famagusta from Turkey. Japan - The ritual of throwing a holiday gods. Hong Kong, England - The Chinese community is ready to welcome the Lunar New Year.