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Portugal - The visit of the leader of Guinea Bissau Aristides Pereira in Portugal as the leader of the former Portuguese African colonies. Lisbon, June 9. Portugal - leftist demonstrators clash with Catholics after the occupation of the radio station. Lisbon, 18 June 1975 Portugal - The future of the newspaper Socialist "Republic" remains open. Lisbon, June 16. Portugal - Portugal's Supreme Revolutionary Council restricts the constitutional assembly and hits the left-wing extremists. Lisbon, June 20. Portugal - Mass rally in support of the Socialist multiparty democracy. Lisbon, June 23. Portugal - The economy on the brink of disaster. Lisbon, June 22. Portugal - Demonstration of the Maoists demanding the release of members of Caxias prison. Lisbon, June 28. Portugal - Soldiers and their families after escaping from prison in the search, the former agents of the secret police. June 30, 1975 Portugal - Demonstration of workers against the escape of a former agent of the secret police. Lisbon, July 20. Portugal - Communist rally in support of the nationalization of the land. Lisbon, September 27. Portugal - Demonstration in support of the new government of Prime Acevedo. Lisbon, September 30. Portugal - Growing protest against the occupation of the left-wing radio and television stations. Lisbon, September 29. Portugal - Bomb attack near the residence of the new Prime Minister Acevedo. Portugal - Working block airfield and require payment of wages. Lisbon, June 25. Portugal - Factory workers help farmers occupying the abandoned land.