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Germany, England - Negotiations Kissinger and Prime Minister Rabin Izratlya agreement between Israel and Egypt. Bonn, London, on July 12. Israel. - The funeral of the victims of the attack in Jerusalem. Spain - The story of the former SS Otto Skorzeny, who saved Mussolini during World War II. England - Address by Prime Minister of England Wilson to the miners with a request to moderate their wage demands. Argentina - President M. Peron takes the oath of the new cabinet. July 11, 1975 Argentina - The government is struggling with political and economic crisis. Summer 1975 Belgium - Exhibition outdoors Asian culture, organized by the Museum Middelhaym. g Antwerp. China - Premier Zhou Enlai at the hospital receives a delegation of Guinea-Bissau. England, North. Ireland - Celebrating the anniversary of the "Battle of the Wars" (1690g.). There are more than 100,000 Irish Protestants. Liverpool, Belfast, on July 12. England - The first day of athletics competition at the semi-finals of the European Cup. London, July 12, 1975 Romania - destroyed homes and flooded fields as a result of river flooding after heavy rains. July 1975 Zambia - Trade Fair in Ndola Zambia is trying to diversify its economy. July 7, 1975 Kenya - Sale by auction of ivory to end poaching and to control exports. Mombasa, on July 11. Congo - Negotiations Neto, leader of the Liberation of Angola with the Prime Minister Lopez. Brazzaville, July 4. Laos - Soldiers Patai Lao in Vientiane. Life in Vientiane. July 1975 India - The economic measures of the government of Indira Gandhi. Lebanon - Abduction of Major American Lebanese terrorist group. g Beirut.