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Cuba - Visit of Prime Minister of Panama. A solemn meeting at the airport. Passage through the streets of Havana. The people joyfully greets guests. Rally. Speaker, President of Panama. Speaker Castro. Frames to / Chronicle - The fight for the independence of the people of Panama. Police disperse protesters. People with flags, banners. M / sheets do not. Cuba - May 1 demonstration in Havana. Parade. On the podium - the government of Cuba and Fidel Castro. Cuba - A session of the National Assembly. Room session and the Bureau. On the podium, Fidel Castro. Hall applauds. In the room making banners. Vote. Says Castro. Frames to / years - Group of Cuban patriots landed on the island. Start of the revolutionary struggle. Cuba - Visitors from Angola at the congress of Cuba. Fidel Castro of the floor (synchronously, says people's struggle for independence of Angola). He spoke from the rostrum. Newsreels 1953.: A group of revolutionaries pass on the tank through the streets of Santiago de Cuba. Young Fidel Castro in the jungles of the island with his colleagues. The first meetings in Santiago. Cuba - The meeting of the new cabinet of the Revolutionary Government of Cuba. The referendum. Counting of votes. Report of the Audit Commission. Cuba - The speaker at the podium. Those present on the podium and the room cost. On the podium, Raul Castro. Newsreels. Documents on the history of Cuba. The uprising of 1895. under the leadership of Jose Marti. 1902 - Arrival of the Governor of Cuba. Cartoons of the oppressors of Cuba. Cuba - Resort on the coast. Pham Van Dong visited this resort. Presented with a banner. Newsreel: Helsinki - says Leonid Brezhnev. Panama's premier meeting in Havana. Cuba - The newspapers material on Angola. Newsreels: Angola. Guerrillas in armored cars. Flag of Angola. A. No. The signing of documents. Neto speaks at a rally. Coat of arms of Angola. Newsreel: Mao Zedong met with Mr. Kissinger. Cuba - Visit of Prime Minister - Minister of Canada P.Tryudo to Cuba. Meeting at the airport. Rally. Speakers Trudeau and Fidel Castro. Negotiations. A visit to a number of enterprises of Cuba. Seeing Trudeau airport. Cuba, Safra - cut sugar cane. Panorama of the field. City. Streets. The people at the polling stations. Referendum (discussion of the draft of the new Constitution of Cuba), the vote in the country in cities and towns, the counting of votes in the election commissions. Cuba - 1) Metallurgical Plant. Rally. 2) International Competitions - scramble. Spectators. The track races. Presentation of awards. Cuba - 1) Stadium. Gym. Speakers gymnasts. Acrobats - the match. Mass demonstrations gymnasts (in the evening at the stadium). 2) Children draw and read. 3) printing shop. Publication of books. Printing presses. 4) The young singer at the microphone. Angola - chronicles the story of the Cuban guerrilla war in Angola during the country's independence. Newsreels: MPLA guerrillas, fighting, A. No., meeting, signing the instrument of independence. The military exercises, training fighters MPLA.

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Raul Castro's speech at the solemn meeting.

Types hall.


Cuban guerrillas in the jungle.


Raulj Kastro -- statesman and political leader of Cuba


Havana, Cuba

Domestic policy

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