Frontline concert brigades. (1941 - 1945)

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Reel №1 Frontline concert brigades

Creative Association "Ekran" Central Television, 1970.

Chronicle of the 1940s.

The fighting on the fronts of the Great Patriotic War.

Front-line cameramen with cameras.

Columns of soldiers on Red Square in Moscow streets.

Train with the Soviet military.

Women wave train after him.

The soldiers on the roof of the train.

Actor Nikolai Kryuchkov performs the song "Three tanker, three gay friend."

Captions "Soyuzkinozhurnal number 64 10 July 1941"

Titles "The word of the poet.

Surkov. "

Poet Alexei Surkov talks about war poetry.

Chronicle of the Soviet troops in between fights.

Outdoor kitchen, the soldiers around the campfire, eating, chatting.

Forest, field printing works (many shots).

Typesetters collect letters from metal plates for newspapers.

Copies of the newspaper folded in the back of a truck.

In the frame of war correspondents, writers Alexander Fadeev, Mikhail Sholokhov, Ilya Ehrenburg, Ilya Selvinsky, Semyon Kirsanov.

Concerts front-line teams.

Performers dance, sing, soldiers listen, applaud (many shots).

The singer performs the song "Sailor" (sailor was leaving the house).

Leonid Rocks performs the song "Be healthy, live well" (the military version).

Leonid Rocks performs the song "Teddy Bear from Odessa."

Claudia Shulzhenko sings the song "Blue Scarf".

The streets of the city, anti-aircraft guns, airships over Moscow.

Muscovites take refuge in the lobby of the metro, long rows of sleepers.

Shots from anti-aircraft guns.

Soldiers listen to a song with a guitar "Dark Night."

Women work in the military and metallurgical plants.

Women despise a forest on the water, carry logs.

Winter, the blockade of Leningrad.

Women with buckets collecting water from ditches, out of the hole in the river.

Posters of concerts, cultural centers.

Projectionist on a motor scooter driven film around the explosions.

Arkady Raikin talks about the speeches at the front (synchronously).

Ruslanova performs the song "The moon is shining, shining bright," ditties.

Lyubov Orlova dancing in front of the soldiers with an accordion.

Sing soloists accompanied by a military choir.

Nikolai Kryuchkov and Mikhail Zharov sing ditties.

Military Soviet cartoons of the German soldiers and Hitler.

Up front, the shelling.

The airfield, pilots and mechanics are at the aircraft.

The open-air stands a piano.

For pilots pianist Emil Gilels.

The aircraft flies over the city.

Filming of the destroyed city of the plane.

The musician is the cello, is on a bombed street.

Children's violin ensemble.

Cutting staff of a military chronicle of the song "Get up, great country, get up fight to the death!".

Victory Day.

Glee people on Red Square, hugging, kissing.


Kryuchkov N. -- actor Surkov A.A. -- poet Fadeev A.A. -- writer Sholohov M. A. -- writer Erenburg I. G -- writer Seljvinskij I. L. -- writer Kirsanov S. I. -- writer Utesov L. O. -- musician, singer Shuljzhenko K. I. – pevica Ruslanova L. A. – pevica Orlova L. P. -- actress, singer Zharov M.I. -- actor Gileljs E. -- pianist





Culture and Arts; World War II