Lenin's body (1992)

Documentary №33945, 4 parts, duration: 0:39:20
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:Manskij V., Mansky B.


The film tells about the Lenin Mausoleum, considering it as a prism through which the authors miss stream of public consciousness.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Actor in makeup VI Lenin Lenin voiced profile (synchronously).

Scientist on the TV screen gives interviews (synchronously), a statue of Lenin at the Leningrad railway station in Moscow.

People in the waiting room of the station watching TV on the wall, listening to the interview, a bust of Lenin.

Man on TV keeps talking about Lenin's Mausoleum (synchronously), the people in the waiting room listening to it.

A general view of Red Square in the early morning, the guide invites people to tour with the help of the speaker.

Janitor with a broom on the Red Square, the police and the staff of the Kremlin guard on duty.

From the gates of the Spasskaya tower out change of time, going to the mausoleum.

Academician SS Debov It gives an interview, sitting in the car, next to Red Square (synchronously), the view of the mausoleum, change of time for the post number 1.

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Information sign on citizens' access procedure to the mausoleum, behind the scenes interviews academician sounds Debova (synchronously).

Debov climbs over the fence and go through the territory of the mausoleum.

Debov continues the story about the history of preservation of Lenin's body, sitting at his desk (synchronously), the person laboratory preservation of Lenin's body of employees, the laboratory staff in the workplace.

Debov continues to give interviews about the history and lab work (synchronously).

Rally in Moscow in defense of Lenin's body, behind the scenes sound leaflet text for the Protection of the body of Lenin (synchronously), a human hand, reading the leaflet.

View of the mausoleum, the change of guard, security officer bypasses around the mausoleum, the kind of teeth the Kremlin wall.

View of the area adjacent to the mausoleum.

Kremlin employee talks about the internal structure of the Mausoleum (synchronously).

The attendant at the control panel in the central control room of the mausoleum, the electronic map software systems.

Climatic installation mausoleum.

Type of laboratory facilities to carry out maintenance work on Lenin's body.

Employee tells about the system of protection of the mausoleum (synchronously), people come to the mausoleum, passing by security officers.

Speaker actor in makeup Lenin (synchronously).

Conducting a seance, the hypnotist is the spirit of Lenin, the face of the medium, the actor in makeup Lenin talks about the creation of the Brain Institute (synchronously).

Reel №3

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Actor in makeup Lenin said about the letter pioneers (synchronously).

S. Namin gives interviews (synchronously), the interior view of the cabinet, paintings and portraits of Lenin on the wall.

View of the Mausoleum, Red Square and St.

Basil's Cathedral, behind the scenes is the voice of the hypnotist (synchronously).

Seance, medium face, the medium responds to questions asked by the "spirit" of Lenin (synchronously).

Changing the guards at the mausoleum.

Namin continues to give interviews (synchronously).

Time to fit the guard at the mausoleum, people watching the change of time.

Longo Yu on the TV screen makes passes over the body of Lenin.

Longo gives interviews (synchronously).

Persons time, people at the mausoleum, among them is a defender of the mausoleum Telyatnikova VG in a pioneer tie.

Telyatnikova gives interviews (synchronously).

KGB Employee gives an interview about the alleged possible sale of Lenin's body in the United States (synchronously), the view of the Lubyanka Square and the pedestal on which stood a monument to Dzerzhinsky FE

Telyatnikova sings songs about Lenin (synchronously).

The hypnotist brings the medium of the trance.

View of the sculpture "Worker and Collective Farm Girl", between the legs of the statues on the pedestal is Telyatnikova.

Changing the guards at the mausoleum of Lenin.

Come out of the trance medium rises from his chair, guards at the mausoleum.

Changing the guards at the mausoleum.

Reel №4

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

View of the Mausoleum and the Kremlin in the early morning (from the top).

Newsreel 1924: VI Lenin in a coffin in the Hall of Columns.

MI Ulyanova, NK Krupskaya, Rudzutak YE, MI Kalinin, Tomsk MP Lenin's tomb.

A rally in front of the park them.

Gorky Lenin defense, participant of the rally with placards in their hands.

Newsreel 1924, alternating with shots of the rally in 1992: the workers and soldiers digging a pit for the night mausoleum on Red Square.

Honor guard at Lenin's tomb, past the place of mourning delegation.

Passes delegation of children.

IV Stalin, Zinoviev, GE, MP Tomsky, Kalinin, MI Lenin's tomb.

Frozen ground on the Red Square blast gun-cotton.

Excavation on the Red Square.

Past the tomb of Lenin are sailors with rifles.

Construction of a temporary mausoleum on Red Square.

The coffin with Lenin's body covered with a lid.

Funeral demonstration in a Moscow street.

Preparing the coffin to the removal of the Hall of Columns.

The coffin was carried in out of the hall. including carrying the coffin - Stalin.

Funeral demonstration moves through Red Square past the wooden pedestal on which the coffin with Lenin's body.

The coffin was removed from the pedestal, the panorama of the memorial meeting in the Red Square.

The burial of Lenin's body in the mausoleum.

Turn into a temporary mausoleum of Lenin in the spring of 1924, people in and out, change takes time.

General view and turn in a wooden mausoleum in the middle of the 1920s.

View of the wooden mausoleum.

View of Red Square and turn in the mausoleum in the mid-1950s.

Panorama line at the mausoleum in 1970 (top).

General view of the mausoleum, the entrance to the mausoleum, face guards, giving instructions.

Lenin's body in the mausoleum, a general view of the funeral hall.

There is a change of time.

Academician SS Debov at the mausoleum sits in the car.

Debov sitting at his desk, giving an interview on the timing preservation of Lenin's body (synchronously), turns off the desk lamp and leaves.

Actor in makeup Lenin turns his head and opens his eyes.


Stalin Joseph Vissarionovich [842] - a state and political figure Rudzutak Yang Ernestovich - state and political figure Mikhail Ivanovich Kalinin - state and political figure Mikhail Pavlovich Tomsky - state and political figure Grigory Zinoviev Evseevich - state and political figure Krupskaya Krupskaya - a revolutionary, social and political activist Maria Ulyanova Ilinichna - revolutionary, social and political activist

Calendar: 1924 1920s 1950s 1970s

Locations: Moscow [820]



Seasons: Winter [823] Spring [825] Autumn [826]

Movie №1 Lenin's body

The film tells the story of the Mausoleum of Lenin, seeing it as a prism through which the authors miss the stream of public consciousness.

Calendar: 1992

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