Experience in improving the loading - unloading (1987)

Documentary №34001, 2 parts, duration: 0:17:09
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:Yakubovskij N., Jakubowski H.



About best practices on the railways.

Reel №1 Experience in improving the loading - unloading

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About best practices on the railways.

Key words

Organization of work at the freight station.

Calendar: 1987

Locations: Krasnodar Moscow region [788]


Krasnodar-sorting railway station. Darnitsa railway station is a sorting station.

Reel №2

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According to the sorting plan, some goods are transported to the accumulation sites, others to the wagons.

Loads stored at the accumulation site.

The cargo from the site is transported to the car.

The cargo is inspected, it is determined which cargo in the car will be at the bottom, which will be at the top, so as not to damage the cargo and load the car as much as possible.

When loading cargo that requires special attention, a sign is hung about loading the car in the presence of a receiver.

The cargo left in the car is the core, the receiver must check with the documents, and then return to the car.

During the loading of the car, the receiver stands next to the opening of the car and controls the loading of small shipments and their correct placement.

The introduction of new technologies has made it possible to improve production and economic indicators.

Large receiver.

The car is fully loaded.

The car is closed and sealed.

An automated process control system is being developed and operated at the Moscow Tovarnaya-Smolenskaya station at the container point.

The Automated Control System Computing Center processes and stores commercial information related to the processing of containers.

As soon as the train with containers and cargo documents arrives at the station, the automated control system starts working with documents.

The receiver operator begins to enter information about incoming shipments and containers.

From this moment, the control of each incoming container begins, on which the computer starts an account card.

The composition is fed to the container platform for unloading.

The crane operator informs the automated control system operator about unloading and loading, about all rearrangements of containers.

The operator enters the information into the accounting card of the automated control system of this container.

Road transportation of containers.

Automated control systems are also used to account for these shipments.

The work of commodity cashiers in the automated control system is currently displayed only by accounting and reporting.

In the future, the creation of automated places of commodity cashiers.

Before shipping containers, the automated control system issues a rational plan for loading containers onto platforms.

Information about containers is entered, which will be stored for 3 years on magnetic tape, in case of a conflict situation or an emergency.

Searching for a container in such an archive will take several minutes.

The use of automated control systems allows the station management to conduct operational control and analysis of the cargo handling process.

Says one of the developers of the automated control system Yu.T. Kozlov.

Key words

Automated control system.


Kozlov Yu.T., razrabotchik ASU.

Calendar: 1987

Locations: Moscow [820]


Moscow tovarnaya-Smolenskaya station. Darnitsa sorting station.

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