The contact network of electrified railways. (1982)

Documentary №34002, 2 parts, duration: 0:17:42
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:Rodichev D., Rodichev D.



The film tells about the general principles of the device contact network.

Reel №1 The contact network of electrified railways.

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The film tells about the general principles of the device contact the rail network.

Key words

Electrified railways.

Locations: Moscow [820]

Reel №2

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A flexible crossbar is cables stretched over railway tracks.

A strong network consisting of transverse and longitudinal elements holds up to 15 contact suspensions.

A cartoon explaining the device of flexible cross-sections.

The elements of the contact system are consoles.

Single-track and double-track consoles.

Inclined consoles are made of two channels or pipes.

An uninsulated console, such consoles are grounded.

Isolated console.

Insulators at the points of connection with the support.

A rod with holes for adjusting the height of the suspension.

Workers are carrying out repair work on an isolated console without relieving tension.

The consoles are fixed with a swivel-type heel, it allows the console to rotate 90 degrees.

Trains move from one track to the other using switches.

In the contact network, they correspond to the air arrows.

Cartoon, shows the scheme of the air arrow.

Express Moscow-Leningrad.

A carriage with passengers.

The driver's cabin.

Contact network.

Cartoon explaining the way to maintain a stable voltage in the contact network.

Pairing is a section of the path where one section of the contact network ends and another begins.

A cartoon explaining the organization of networking.

Longitudinal sectional insulator.

Different types of insulator installation.

Cranked insulators.

Their sections end with an earring that allows you to build up insulators.

Core porcelain insulators, they are reinforced with malleable cast iron caps.

In one of the caps there is a pipe with a thread for connection to the retainer.

Polymer insulators.

Polymer insulators are less susceptible to mechanical damage due to the elasticity of the material.

These devices are used to disconnect electrical networks.

The sections or feeder lines are switched off using special drives.

The remote control of the centralized dispatch service.

Remote control of sectional disconnectors is carried out from the remote control.

Emergency disconnection is provided as an emergency option.

Books dedicated to contact networks.

The electric train is going over the bridge.

Key words

Contact power grid.

Locations: Moscow [820]


Electrified railways.

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