Soviet Ural Mountains № 22 (1977)

Newsreel №3449, 1 part, duration: 0:10:02
Production: Sverdlovsk newsreel studio
Director:E. Galjper
Camera operators:V. Monastirskij, S. Avdeev, B. Kustov, R. Lyaginskov, A. Krugovih

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Scene 1 "October, 60th year" Pedestrians walk on the street at the camera.

Signboard "PNTZ."

Interview working ES Rysuhin to draft a new constitution.

Manufacturing Factory: ES Rysuhin and others at work.

Discussion in the office of the table in the newspaper, among other worker correspondents ES Rysuhin.

ES Rysuhin gathering material for an article in the newspaper, visiting the shop, talking with the workers.

PNRM. from the newspapers (including "The Truth") about the performance of LI Brezhnev on television before hand writing a note.

ES Rysuhin prepares material for newspapers.

Plot 2 (Untitled) Crane airborne vehicle.

Assembling machines at the Izhevsk car factory, working youth, assembly-line production.

Crane airborne vehicle.

Topic 3 (Untitled) On the corridor Mining and Metallurgical College students are named Polzunova.

Technical school - 130 years, photos, documents to the anniversary date.

A student wears a hard hat working, studying in college, a teacher at the blackboard with a pointer.

Empty office for employment.

Cabinet with students to the drawing board, the teacher gives explanations.

In the hallway, a group of students with notebooks.

Students in the study for chemistry experiments.

Students master the furnace for smelting metal board.

Empty dining College.

Patterned grating on the riverbank.

Topic 4 (Untitled) PNRM. on a number of police car, near the traffic police operation.

Traffic police take notes in a notebook.

Inspectors sit on cars, travel around to places of service.

Car service GAI passing on the street.

Street view from the cockpit of the car, driving a car inspector rides.

Policeman talking with the bus driver.

Policeman said on the radio, standing by his car.

Item management, receiving calls from the streets of the city.

Inspectors near the car after the accident, measure the distance with a tape measure, filled with protocol.

Taxi, wrinkled after the accident.

Flashing lamp on the roof of the car traffic police.

Traffic inspector with a rod from the road on which a convoy of trucks ride, stops one of the cars.

Study traffic policeman at the table, books and notebooks with drawings.

Traffic police officers conducting gaming sessions with children in school according to the rules of the road.

Traffic inspector with a rod directs traffic on a city street

Topic 5 (Untitled) Photographer lies in football goal during the game.

Game Moscow "Spartak" with Sverdlovsk "Uralmash".

Moments of the game.

Spectators are experiencing in the stands.

Photographer shoots the game.

End of the game ("Spartacus" has lost 1: 2)

Locations: Pervoural'sk

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