Soviet Ural Mountains № 30 (1977)

Newsreel №3457, 1 part, duration: 0:10:07
Production: Sverdlovsk newsreel studio
Camera operators:K.Duplenskij, A.Krugovih, S.Avdeev, M.Novikov


1. Melting 300 millionth ton of steel in Magnitogorsk. 2. Working life Tyumen oil. 3. The new broccoli in the Ural Institute of Agriculture. 4. The new wastewater treatment plant at the Ufa Vitamin Plant. 5. Sorevnovniya young gymnasts in Izhevsk. 6. Species sketch "Oh, summer red ..."

Reel №1

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1. The plot of "October, 60th year."

Monument "Tent of the first builders of Magnitogorsk."

Monument of iron ore in the palm.

In the shops of the Magnitogorsk Metallurgical Combine.

A film crew is a group of metallurgists with the banner.

Steelmakers in helmets and shoulder belts.

Melting of the 300 millionth ton of steel.

Pouring iron in open-hearth furnace.

Steelworker N.V.Nikiforov the oven.

Metallurgical equipment, smoke, fire, cast alloy.

Brigade steelworkers in front of the crew with flowers and posters.

Workers and management of the plant at the rally.

Opening the monument of Labor Glory.

Bookmark capsule for future steelworkers.

Municipal Stadium, the feast in honor of the anniversary of melting.

Steelmakers in the column are flags.

Hero of Socialist Labor Vasily Naumkin in awards.

Athlete runs with the torch in his hands Naumkin.

Naumkin lights the fire in a symbolic bowl.

Pioneers ran around the stadium with flowers.

Receives flowers metallurgists in the stands. 2. Tyumen region, winter.

Oil field.

Rotational camp.

Oilers out of the helicopter.

All-terrain vehicle in the snow.

Search expedition.

Geologists well is being drilled, take soil samples.



Drilling rig.

Oilers communicate.

Nizhnevartovsk, shift camp.

Brigadier V.T.Gromov comes out of the trailer.

Drillers are working on the tower. 3. Sverdlovsk, Ural Institute of Agriculture.

The greenhouse with seedlings of vegetables.

Honored agronomist of the RSFSR Anna V. Yurina communicating with colleagues.

Different varieties of cabbage.

Broccoli florets.

Workers harvested broccoli with beds.

Yurina tells about the properties of broccoli (synchronously).

Cook in the dining room preparing broccoli.

Broccoli on a plate.

Presentation broccoli trade workers.

Yurina in the field with a plate of cabbage.

Traders will try broccoli, cabbage consider in boxes. 4. Ufa Vitamin Plant.

Central Laboratory.

Pharmacists for equipment.

The new wastewater treatment plant for the destruction of harmful impurities in water and air.

Metal construction installation. 5. Izhevsk, gym.

Territorial Championship 5th All-Russian Youth Games.

Accompanist at the piano.

Speakers young gymnasts.

Sverdlovsk gymnast Vladimir Debra, exercises on the bar.

Member of the youth team of the USSR Nadezhda Kiseleva, exercises on the bar and beam. 6. Species sketch "Oh, summer red ...".

Daisies, wild herbs and flowers.

A child runs on a blossoming meadow.

River landscapes.

A fisherman with a fishing rod on the shore.

A woman with a bucket is on the meadow.

Lap dog in the grass.

Man cooking soup in a pot on the fire.

Floating down the river barge.

Child on the shore waving after her hand.

Locations: Magnitogorsk [914] Tyumen region [809] Sverdlovsk [876] Ufa [889] Izhevsk [890]

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