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England - The last change finishes work in the coal mines on the eve of the general strike of miners. England - London power station continues to operate during the miners' strike. - Cardiff dockers refused to unload a French ship loaded with coal. Ireland and Northern Ireland - 50 years of separation (Annalistic material 1971g.g 1916.) England (Northern Ireland) - New bombings and robberies. (Belfast). England (Northern Ireland) - Explosions two bombs in Belfast and the ensuing fire - the largest in many years. India and East Pakistan - Indian troops in the border strengthened strategic point Petrapole. Muhti-Bahini lead artillery fire near Comilla. India, East and West Pakistan, the United Nations - The first week of the Indo-Pakistani conflict. East Pakistan - Pakistani troops are engaged in defensive fighting the Indian border. East Pakistan and India - Indian troops capture Darsaniya. East Pakistani refugees in India listening to the radio reports of the battles. East Pakistan - Indian troops continue fighting in the border villages of East Pakistan. Cambodia - Government troops helped evacuate refugees Bathlay road in the area. Philippines - Police killed four members of a gang kidnapped the millionaire and his family. Tanzania - 10 - Anniversary of Independence - Annalistic material 1971g.g 1960. Malagasy Republic - Arrival of the Prime Minister of Lesotho in Tananarive. England (Northern Ireland) - The consequences of a bomb explosion at a tavern in Belfast (15 people died).