Soviet Ural Mountains 1979 № 27

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Producer Sverdlovsk newsreel studio

Director: I. Mihajlova

Operators: A. Krugovih, R. Lyaginskov, V. Litvishko, V. Monastirskij

Reel №1

PNRM. with the top of the oil rig around.

Brigade goes to work.

Work crews on an oil rig.

Brigadier A. Manakov writing something at the table.

Job drillers.

Minutes of rest, a smoke break.

Brigadier A. Manakov talking at a table with two women in white coats.

The village is flooded.

Brigadier A. Manakov said by telephone.

Helicopter in the sky is on the cable equipment.

The village is flooded.

Helicopter close above the ground - brought equipment.

Brigadier A. Manakov and others working in difficult conditions flood.

General view of the neftevyshku pipes in the foreground.

The car pulls up to the building.

Signboard "Biophysical station."

The corridor are the women in white coats.

Woman at the microscope.

Study samples spetspuzyrki on the conveyor, laboratory glassware and work with it.

Working in a laboratory study of radiology.

The screen of the oscilloscope.

Examination schedules, discussion of the results of experiments.

Head biophysical station Nikolai Kulikov.

Landscape: field, sky.

In the horse, sitting on the ground next to a man and a boy.

Flock of sheep in the field, and the shepherd on horseback.

We consider the sheep wool.

Transistor radio - large.

Family Dimisinovyh drinking tea in the air, on land samovar.

Boy in the field leading the horse by the reins.

A man sits on a horse, herding sheep.

The stadium along the paths of car rides on the roof of a man with a flag.

Cars in the stadium riding on two wheels, performance avtomotorevyu.

The car is on the move takes place at 360 degrees and the other car stunts.

Children look no podium.

People are riding on a car that moves on two wheels and other automotive stunts.

A man rides a motorcycle, standing on the seat.

Jump on a motorcycle in a few cars.

Key words

Steppe Sheep farming


Tyumen region
Sverdlovsk region
Kurtamyshsky area

Industry; Science; Agriculture; Transportation