Why do we study our Earth (1987)

Documentary №35588, 2 parts, duration: 0:19:41
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:M.Gnesin, M. Gnesin
Camera operators:M.Ventcelj



The film shows the work of scientists who study the Earth's interior, earthquakes, hurricanes and other warning about the consequences of uncontrolled use of natural resources and pollution of the planet. (The screen displays a variety of natural landscapes of the Earth. Description planet almost complete, and now it is the study of the ocean depths to the greatest heights of the atmosphere.)

Reel №1 Why do we study our Earth

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Educational film on geography .

NDP in the woodland (from a helicopter).

Snow-capped mountain peaks.

Mountain river flowing in the valley .

Bumblebee on a flower cultivation.

Poppy field .

Ramp slides along the bottom of the sea.

The deer munching leaves from a tree branch .

Lit oil well .

Construction equipment working in the pit .

Ice-covered ocean (from a helicopter).

Pup on an ice floe .

Tyuleniha on the ice .

Reindeer sled runs on snow-covered tundra.

Herders' camp .

Geophysics devices installed on an ice floe .

The divers work under water in the Arctic Ocean .

Icebreaker is on the ice ocean space .

NDP in the desert.

A camel going through the desert .

Lizard in the rough in the sand.

Beetle rolls the ball on the sand .

The car with a tank of water coming down the road.

Street of one of the Central Asian cities .

The queue at the car with drinking water.

Scientists and glaciologists working in the mountains.

A waterfall in the mountains.

Cotton fields (from a flying helicopter).

The clouds in the sky.

Structure of the meteorological station in the mountains.

One of the premises Hydrometeocentre .

Weather map .

The captain is standing at the instrument panel in the cockpit .

A ship at sea .

The plane in the sky, the lights , the crew in the cockpit.

Ripe ears of corn on the field.

Tractors with plows go on the field.

Trucks with a special device , spraying fertilizer , go on the field .

Key words

Extractive industry.
National life.
Maritime transport.
Geology, geophysics, geography.
Natural disasters.
Water management.

Calendar: 1987

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The animal world of the ocean.

Scuba divers collect sea urchins.

Laboratory on a scientific vessel.

A drop of ocean water under a microscope.

Research vessel "Vityaz" in the ocean.

The underwater vessel "Argus".

The bottom of the Pacific Ocean.

Map of the Pacific Ocean floor.

Blooming poppies in the mountains.

Sheep on the bank of a mountain river.


Volcanic eruption.

Mobile geophysical laboratory in the mountains.

The earth in the section (animation).

Seismologists at work.

Geologists in the mountains.

Explosions in the quarry.

Open-pit mining.

Metallurgical plant.

The shop of the metallurgical combine.

Smoking pipes.

Chronicle: people on the street in oxygen suits.

Birch grove.

Scientists are studying the composition of the air.

The image received from the satellite.

Blooming poppies in the mountains.

Hydroelectric dam.

Helicopter shooting: locality, forests, mountains.

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