Soviet Ural Mountains 1981 № 42

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Producer Sverdlovsk newsreel studio

Director: I. Mihajlova

Operators: V. Monastirskij, A. Tregubov, V. Gorshkov, M. Novikov

Text writers: E. Voroncova

Reel №1

Scene 1 "How is BAM?" View from riding the train: winter, forest, mountains on the horizon.

The engineer in the cab of the train.

The train passes the tunnel.

Sweeps past the oncoming freight train.

View of the bridge.

Landscape near railroad: forest, river.

The village builders BAM, passing trucks.

At one of the houses of the village street pointer "Ural".


Construction work: riding the truck, welding, crane operation.

Mason lays bricks.


Students at their desks, a teacher at the blackboard.

Crane carries the block on the site.

On the concrete block lettering "Sverdlovchane - bam."

Close-up: faces of the workers.

Topic 2 "Our counter-saving" Close-up: in the hands trimming matter, rags, rags, a mountain of waste.

Chelyabinsk factory floor coverings: treatment of waste matter.

Special machines convert waste into the fiber from which manufactures water-resistant flooring.

Floor in rolls.

Machines based on tractors for laying pipes.

Welding and other work at remaking tractors, pipelaying.

Metal components - waste production.

Topic 3 "generous vine" PNRM. on the vine.

LN Strelyaeva, specialist grower at work.

Photos LN Strelyaevoy in youth and other family photos.

LN Strelyaeva the table on which the grapes are laid out.

PNRM. the vineyard.

LN Strelyaeva in grape farm with a bunch of hand.

LN Strelyaeva a group of veterans in the vineyard.

PNRM. by sitting in the hall.

PNRM. on plates on which lay bunches of grapes.

Discussion of the problems associated with the cultivation of grapes in the northern areas.

LN Strelyaeva on tasting the grapes.

Two glasses of wine - Big.

LN Strelyaeva tasting wine.

Photos LN Strelyaevoy.

LN Strelyaeva on tasting the grapes.

LN Strelyaeva sits on a chair on the porch (removed from the house, the camera is close up close-up).

General view of the vineyard.

Key words



Chelyabinsk Orenburg

Trains; Construction; Industry; Professions