Enisei River's Meridian 1982 № 4 60th anniversary of the Soviet Union - a fitting welcome.

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Producer Krasnoyarsk studio

Operators: Galaganov V., Ermolin Yu., Smekaev D.

Text writers: Rusakov E.


A selection of stories about the preparation for the celebration of the 60th anniversary of the USSR. The issue is about socialist competition on the Abakan container plant on the work of the Krasnoyarsk aluminum smelter and a celebration of Friendship of Peoples in Tuva.

Reel №1

1. Production processes in the shops of the plant container Abakan, members of socialist competition.

Yu.G.Poreev. B.K.Vashurkin. A.P.Podkoldin.

Factory workers at different stages of production of containers.

Loading of finished containers on railway platforms.

Freight train.

2. View of the Yenisei.

Blooming trees.

Assembly workers of the Krasnoyarsk aluminum plant.

Rewarding plant Order of the Red Banner.

Director I.G.Turyshev plant in the workshop with the workers.

Operational meeting.

Recording equipment.

Staff Planning and Economic Department.

Natural landscape. I.G.Turyshev visits the factory farm.

Herd of cows. I.G.Turyshev on a pig farm.

Panorama Economy.

Lunch in the canteen.

Blooming tree.

The director holds a meeting.

Shells and courtyards of the factory sanatorium.

I.G.Turyshev talking with vacationers.

People are sailing on a catamaran.

Boat station on the shore.

The plant manager in a meeting with colleagues.

3. Festival "Days of Krasnoyarsk Region Tuva", the parade participants.

Performs dance ensemble.

Alternating: the participants receives flowers, applause, at the microphone of the 1st Secretary of the Tuvan regional CPSU committee G.Ch.

Shirshin and secretary of the Krasnoyarsk regional committee of the CPSU N.P.Silkova.

Alternation: parade, M.M.Munzuk gives interviews.

Performs dance ensemble.

The spectators in the stands.

Folk Choir.

People listen to the speech.

Painting exhibition.

The participants of sports competitions.

Competition in struggle.

Dance winner.

Speaker gymnast.

The applause of spectators.

Man playing the khomus.

Alternation: performance dance group, a procession with flags and balloons.


Munzuk MM - Actor, director, singer, composer, educator, founder of Tuvan National Theatre, People's Artist of the Russian Federation.


Republic of Khakassia Krasnoyarsk Republic of Tyva


Summer [824]

Industry; Holidays; National culture