Nazi chronicle for the occupied territories (1939-1945)

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Scene №1 Nazi chronicle for the occupied territories

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Cart with bags.

Farmers hauling bags and weigh them.

Farmers pour sacks of grain.

Peasants impose and receive documents in the office.

People view and get clothes.

People fill the milk jug and pour it into cans.

People pass the bottles.

Calendar: 1939-1945

Scene №2 Nazi chronicle for the occupied territories

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Workers sit in a bus in the town square of Gliwice (Gleiwitz).

Emblem of the city on bus.

The bus driver and passengers.

Bus stops.

Workers are on the street, go to the yard.

Workers look at the clothing and masks on mannequins.

Workers look at the working mechanisms.

Technical layout tools.

The workers go through the yard of the plant.

Workers eat and drink with the management of the plant.

Work picks up bales of clothing.

Workers clean up in the shower.

Worker clicks and light bulbs.

Workers move along without clothes burning electric lamps.

Workers clean up in the shower and wash each other.

Working in the garden near the plant.

Working with their wives and children.

Women play with children.

Map of the eastern regions of Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic.

Working in Chorzow (Königshütte) raise their hands in a Nazi salute.

Workers go on city streets.

Coal processing plant.

With coal

Working in the mine.

Miners wash in the shower.

Workers are fleeing to the pool and dive into it.

Plate with Nazi symbols.

Seamstresses at work.

Tables on the observation deck with mountain views.

People sit at tables and drink beer.



Workers applauded.

Brandenburg Gate.

People on the streets and in the parks of Berlin.

Workers enter the building of the German Labor Front.

People in the Tiergarten park.

The leader of the German Labor Front R. Ley and his associates.

Working in Potsdam, on the territory of the palace complex Sanssouci.

Workers ride on the boat on the lakes and canals in the vicinity of Berlin.

Camp for workers from the USSR in Germany.

Soviet workers closeup.

Soviet workers dancing, playing an accordion player.


R. Ley -- politician

Calendar: 1942

Locations: Germany, Poland

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