Romanian Chronicle of the Second World War (1940-1944)

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Scene №1 Romanian Chronicle of the Second World War

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Ruins of buildings.

Damaged crucifix.


Dead soldiers.

Soldiers searched the people with their hands raised.

Tank rides on the street.

Soldiers marching down the street.

Military and Orthodox priest.

Woman gives a flower to one of the soldiers.

Cavalry units on the streets.

Damaged temple.

Marshal Ion Antonescu in the temple.

The process of exhumation

Body on earth.

Women in mourning.

Men closeup.

Trucks with Romanian soldiers ride past cheering crowds in Bessarabia.

The crowd under the Romanian flag.

Welcome banner in Romanian.

Cavalry passes through the village.

Children run to the water to bathe.


Children bathe.

Soldier and dog in the tank.

Bags and bundles of newspapers.

People sort of writing.

Soldiers reading letters.

Soldier tries on a sweater.

People knead the dough and bake bread.

People smoked ham.

Soldiers clean the potatoes and cook soup in the pot.

Soldiers eat in camp.

Women and children with things going on the village street.


Peasants working in the field.

Horses drink from the river.

Clean peasant bread.

Romanian military watch field work, communicate with farmers, check grain in bags.

Cows and oxen on the field.

Romanian military interrogates peasants and writes information.

Cows and oxen.

Soldiers buy vegetables.

Soldiers restore the church building.

People dig up buried icons.

People with icons on the threshold of the church.

Soldiers establish a cross on the dome of the temple.

The procession.

Baptism of children.

Soldiers walking down the street past the antitank "hedgehogs".

Cavalry on the street.

Trucks with soldiers riding on the street.

Burning buildings.

Plane view of the burning buildings and the marina.

Burning houses in Odessa.

People on one of the Odessa area near the monument.

People read the ads on the walls.

People put things against the wall of the house.

Romanian soldiers dropped leaflets.

Soldiers talk with the public.

View of the crowd with a bird's-eye view.

The crowd in the square listening the Romanian Command by the loud speaker.

A soldier with a camera shoots the crowd.

Romanian soldiers shot down five-pointed star from the spire of one of Odessa's buildings and establish a Romanian flag.

Soldiers marching on Red Square.

Prisoners go on the pier

Prisoners sit.

Prisoners behind barbed wire.

Camp prisoners.

Prisoners closeup.

Cars and military vehicles passing through Red Square.

Broken trucks and military vehicles.

Boxes of ammunition.

Armored cars exploded.

Artillery and military equipment.

Jubilant crowd and Marshal Antonescu greet each other.

The headlines of Romanian newspapers.

Facade of a building with a portrait of Mussolini.

Inscription "Benito Mussolini Square" in Romanian.

Portrait of Hitler.

Inscription "​​Adolf Hitler Square" in Romanian.

Nazi flag and eagle.

Portrait of Ion Antonescu and the inscription in Romanian.

Crosses on the Romanian military cemetery.

Cows and pigs.

Man leading a horse.



Network with fish.

People in the market.


Workers wine distillery.



Man typing on a typewriter.

Headlines in Russian, German, Romanian and Moldavian.

Tram rides on the street.


Traders flowers.

Monument to Richelieu in Odessa.

Odessa City Council building and the monument to Pushkin.

Odessa buildings and parks.

Boy riding a toy car.

Child rides in a carriage.

Posters in Romanian and Russian.

Lake in the park.


People on the beach.




I. Antonesku -- statesman and politician

Calendar: 1940-1944

Locations: USSR, Romania

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