"The road to the horizon" (2007)

Documentary №37241, 1 part, duration: 0:26:03

Movie №1 "The road to the horizon"

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Boat floats past the Hermitage .

Peter and Paul Fortress .

Shukhov Tower.

Photo Shukhov.

Ostankino TV Tower.

Scientist at the table.

Truncated pyramid .

Victor Sloka .

Pyramid of Sloka .

Fields and forests.

Pyramid .

Pyramid .

American bomb .

Pyramid of colors.

American scientists in the laboratory.

Soviet scientists in the laboratory.

Plane leaves the hangar .

Warplanes in the sky .

Aircraft dropped bombs .

The explosion on the ground.

Arrows on the plane.

Anti-aircraft guns .

Scientist in laboratory .

Atomic bomb .

Soviet laboratory.

Bomb blast .

Blast-off .

Radar .

The meeting of scientists .

Institute building .

Memorial plaque .

Photo of Mints .

Mintz goes through the alley .

Station building .

Piece of equipment .

Hall station.

Piece of equipment .

Lamps .

Work on the construction .

Building in Dubna.

Operational management .

Accelerator .

Synchrophasotron .

Photo Mints .

Radar .

Blast-off .

The interior of the station.

Remote control .

Meeting of the military .

Military at the console .

Moscow, Frunze Embankment .

Photo: Institute building .

Moscow street .

Photo of academician Raspletin.

Moskva River embankment .

Rocket ready to start.

Rocket at launch.

Rocket takes off .

Flying airplanes .

Plane takes off .

Missile defense and radar.

Map of Moscow and region .

Locators .

Military at the controls .

Locators on the machines.

Spinning radar.

Rocket launch .

Rocket flies .

A plane is flying .

Missile- factory .

Rocket takes off .

The building of the U.S. Congress .

The American administration .

Speech to Congress president.

Missile silos .

Kremlin and embankment .

Photo of Mints .

Design office and laboratory.

Radar antenna.

Detection station .


Building radar.

Remote control .

Photo of V.Ivantsov .

RTI chief designer Viktor Ivantsov, Hero of Socialist Labor narrates .

Institute building .

Photo of V.Kelzon.

Hand dials the phone number. V.M.Ivantsov narrates .

Detection station .

Photo of station .

Inside and outside of the station .

Sloka and general climb the stairs .

American Design Bureau .

Truck carries a rocket.

Rocket launch .

Locator screen . U.S. military .

Soviet design bureaus.

Shooting from space.

The Milky Way.

Shooting from space.

Spacecraft .

Dish on the roof.

Photo: Victor Sloka with parents.

RTI Chief Designer Viktor K. Sloka, Hero of Russia narrates.

Scientists at the equipment.

Photo: Sloka with colleagues.

Institute RTI. Laboratory Institute.

Military with a microphone.


Military duty.

In the laboratory .

Scientists at work .

Sheets of drawings.

Scanning apparatus .

Radar and sky.

The control room .

Rocket before launch.

Launch rockets .

Radars in the field.

Rocket launch .

Rocket takes off from the sea. V.K.Sloka narrates .

The meeting of scientists .

Scientists at the table.

Military at the controls .

Scientists at the meeting.

New radar.

Ivantcov acts .

The new station antennas . V.M.Ivantsov says .

Station inside.


Military and scientists about "Daria" .

Photo: Mints with colleagues.

Red Square mausoleum .

Land and locators .

Rockets on the machines.

Rockets carry the parade .

Scientists at the meeting.

Photo: Mints with employees. V.K.Sloka says .

Institute building .

Academician Mints .

Mints with a colleague.

The cars riding on the street near the Institute.

Meeting of scientists .

Young scientists .

Meeting with the military.

Tracking station . " DTV ." Pyramid . V.K.Sloka narrates .

Sloka in " Don ." Sloka at the controls .

Locator mechanism .

Computer room.

Helicopter in the air .

Putin arrived with his wife.

Putin and Bush and their spouses under umbrellas .

Construction of a nuclear facility .

Rocket launch .

Blast-off .

Voronezh radar.

Destruction "Daria" .

Meeting of Yeltsin and Kohl.

Meeting Gorbachev and Reagan.

Radar near Krasnoyarsk .

Sloka is on station. V.K.Sloka says .

Young people at the station.

Girl solder chip .

The young man at the computer.

Rocket rides on American highways.

American station .

Spreading the earth and appear missiles .

White House. V.K.Sloka narrates .

Remote control station.

Layout system.

Locator .

President Reagan .

Launch rockets .

American radar.

Speaker Kim Jong Il .

Carry missiles.

Sloka gets out of the car near the pyramid.

Sloka and General are on the snow.

Sloka is included in his study.

Scientists at the meeting.

Ivantsov sits on a chair.

Pyramid Sloka.

Key words

The country's defense.

Calendar: 40th 90th

Locations: Russia [1] USA

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