Moscow subjunctive. (2007)

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Movie №1 "Moscow subjunctive."

Excursion rising the stairs .

Guide speaks English .

Moscow in 2007. Hike up the stairs.

The girl looks around.

People with cameras.

Tour guide tells about Moscow.

Tourists watching.

A tourist photographs.

On the background of St.

Basil , office center .

Woman on the background of the Kremlin .

Man and woman on the background of the Kremlin.


Basil's Cathedral and the building office center.

Tourists take pictures .

The tour guide leads visitors.

Near the Kremlin wall tallest building .

Tourists listen.

Group of tourists on the building background .

Tourists on the waterfront.

A tourist looks at the building.

Building next to the Kremlin wall .

The guide goes on to explain .

Speaks in English .

Moscow River near the Palace of Soviets .

Girl on the background of the Palace of Soviets.

Palace of the Soviets and the Kremlin embankment.

Group of tourists walking along the waterfront.


Architectural Fantasies 1919 - 1924 .

Revolutionary masses .

October 1917 .

Victorious revolutionaries .

USSR Baikonur Cosmodrome , in July 1969 .

Driven by a rocket launcher .

Launch installed.

Photo G.N.Babakina chief designer .

The streets of Paris riding cars.

Paris 1925. Pavilion of Russian Constructivists .

Paris exhibition .

Group photo .

Go trumpeters .

Passers-by on the streets of Moscow .

Demonstration of workers.

Meeting .


Old Moscow.

Printing works .

Work and factories .

People on the streets and in the villages.

Is under construction .

Photo: architectural design , house proposal quarters.

Workers' settlements .

Layout Project "Atom".

Architect Melnikov .

Cottage settlements .

Fragments of the film .

Move settlers .

Is a demonstration with the orchestra.

Moscow in 1923 .

Panorama house.

Open house .

Build a new home.

Photo : new home , Mount toilets .

Working village .

Is building settlements and planting trees .

People are watching .

Flags and stars on the Kremlin.

Goes great building .

Architectural studios .

Trams in the center.

Lenin and his associates .

The streets of Moscow .

Schusev Zholtovsky and in the studio. "New Moscow" Arch. A.Shusev , I.Zholtovsky .

Map of Moscow .

Architects on construction.

On the street the bus rides .

Engineers and architects in the workplace.

Passers-by on the street.

Passing trams .

The orchestra.

Circling the people in the dance .

Rides the tram ride vehicles , people go .

Map of Moscow . "Big Moscow" Arch.

Shestakov .

Construction of houses .

Houses in greenery.

Walking people and children .

People move into new homes .

Go train.

London, Ottawa, Wellington .

Architect at work.

Map of Moscow . " Radiant City " Arch.

Le Corbusier .

The project plan for the city of Le Corbusier .

Plan of Brasilia.

Photo Ladovsky architect .

Map of Moscow .

The " Rocket City ." Architect . K. Ladovsky .

Culture and Recreation Park .

Panorama of Tokyo.

Architectural projects .

Photo George Krutikova .

The " City on the airways posts ." Architect . G. Kroutikov .

Typography .

Machines work .

Fly over the crowd newspaper.

People sit in the trams .

Passers-by on the streets.

Map of Moscow .

Is under construction .

Going youth.

Youth meeting and demonstration.

Painting work on building sites .

Rehearsing orchestras, people read , play checkers , embroider .

Young athletes act .

Photos of architectural workshops .

Clubs and Signs .

Is under construction .

Photo I.Golosova .

Club them .

Zuev on the Forest .

Photo K.Melnikova .


People go past the club and riding cars .

Photo of A.Schusev .

Railroad club .

People walk .

Commercial kitchens .

Laundries, kitchens.

Projects of houses .

Student hostel on the street.


Students in the dorm .

The commandant of the scroll .

Dormitory building .

People walk past .

Commandant whistles .

Go athletes .

People applauded.

Iofana workshop .

House under construction on the waterfront.

House on the Embankment .

Photo: House on the waterfront.

A man walks down the stairs .

Communal house .


Modern Moscow, people on the boulevard.

People greeted the guests .

Children play with a ball .

The people behind the food.

People buy newspapers .

Street scenes .


Projects .

Typography .

On the pediment of the Bolshoi Theatre signboard hanging .

Bolshoi Theater .

Stalin on the podium .

Konstruktivist exhibition .

Courtroom .

Speaker Voroshilov .

Hall applauds .

Constructivism .

The Moscow Kremlin.

Architects in workshops.

Group photo .

Meeting architects.

Architectural projects .

Group photo .

The " Institute of Lenin." Architect . I. Leonids .

In the architectural studio .

Stalin and his associates on the mausoleum .

Is a demonstration .

Assembly of the Union of Architects .

Architects at work.

Demonstration on Red Square .

Typography .

Red Square and the Kremlin .

A fragment of the newsreels.

Passersby read newspapers on the go .

Panorama of Moscow from the Cathedral of Christ the Savior Cathedral .

Competitive projects Palace of Soviets.

Is a demonstration .

Iofana workshop . " Palace of Soviets " Arch. B. lofan .

Going construction.

Map of Moscow .

Plan for the reconstruction of Moscow. 1935 demolition of the house .

Competition of Narkomtjazhprom building projects .

Collapsing houses .

Building projects .

Explode at home.

Projects of Constructivists .

Crumbling buildings .

Built underground .

Meeting Secretary MK and CIM CPSU (b) Comrade Shcherbakov with Muscovites .

Construction works are .

Excursion through the planned Palace.

Photo cards and stamps.

People are traveling by train .

Moscow River .

The policeman at the metro .

River port.

Game episode.

Christ the Savior Cathedral .

Floating down the river bus .

People walk near the Temple.

Construction site of the Palace of Soviets .

Is building .

Stand crowds .

Crumbling buildings .

Work on the ruins .

Palace of the Soviets in the Kremlin.

Kremlin and embankment .

Architectural Workshop .

Group photo .

Layouts of buildings .

Architectural ensembles .

Louvre in Paris.

Key words

Architecture, the city skyline, the old house.


1920-1939 2000 - 2007


Russia, Moscow

Culture and Arts; Towns and countries