Soviet Ural Mountains № 26 (1984)

Newsreel №3770, 1 part, duration: 0:09:54


1. Brigade Steelworkers Top-Isetsky smelter. 2. First class pilot V.N.Avramenko in flying training center. 3. Exhibition Udmurt photographers for the 40th anniversary of the Victory. 4. The 50th anniversary of the Urals State Conservatory.

Reel №1

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1. The plot of "Brigade Valeyeva."

Sverdlovsk, Upper Iset Metallurgical Plant.

Shop, open-hearth furnaces.

Fire and smoke ovens.

Works team Nikolai Alexandrovich Valeyeva.

Steelmakers throw ore in the furnace.

Portraits steelworkers.

Steelmakers socialize, go through the shop. 2. The plot of "place of work - the sky."


Flight Training Center.

Pilots in the cockpit behind the dashboard.

Pilots work out emergency.

Exercises leads first-class pilot VN Avramenko. V. Avramenko switch sensors for remote control.

Pilots descend from the cab simulator.

Photos Avramenko helicopters.

Airport, passengers enter the ship.

Daughter Avramenko (stewardess) stands on the ladder.

Son Vasily (commander of the aircraft AN-2) at the helm.

An-2 takes off.

VN Avramenko watching the runway on the monitor.

AN 2 in the sky. 3. The plot of "remaining soldiers in the ranks."


Showroom Gallery.

Competition rural photographers for the 40th anniversary of victory.

Veterans and home front workers in the photographs.

Artemy veteran T. Petrov goes on a footpath in a field.

Petrov in the photo.

Portraits of the Hero of Socialist Labor, machine Mikhail Orlov.

Harvesting, Orlov driving a tractor.

Photo portraits, the audience.

4. The plot of "Road to Life" for the 50th anniversary of the Ural Conservatory.

Sverdlovsk, building Ural State Conservatory named after Mussorgsky.

Violinist plays in the lobby before the conservatory window.

Students in classrooms with tools.

Trumpeter plays (synchronously).

Educators conservatory on the exam.

Sings the chorus students, conductor.

Photos of the first rector of the Conservatory, teachers, musicians.

Historical posters Conservatory.

Graduation, teachers and students in the auditorium.

Rector of the Conservatory, People's Artist of Russia, Professor Blinov presents diplomas to students.

Says Conservatory student from Mongolia (synchronously).

Student from Mongolia sings (synchronously).

Spectators listen, applaud.


N.A.Valeev V.N.Avramenko A.T.Petrov M.Orlov

Locations: Sverdlovsk [876] Tyumen [888] Udmurtia [754]

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