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Kenya - Meeting of the Presidents of Kenya and Uganda to discuss the possible sale of arms England South Africa.

United States (UN) - Statement by a representative of England at the meeting of the Security Council concerning the possible sale of arms England South Africa.

Japan; U.S. - By the 25th anniversary of the atomic bomb explosion in Hiroshima - The material Annalistic 1945-1967 period.

OAR - Nasser on management meeting of the Arab Socialist Union.

OAR - Foreign Minister of M. Riad with ambassadors of ten Arab States in Cairo.

Lebanon - Press - conference leader of the PFLP.

U.S. - Meeting the President of Finland U.Kekkonena Nixon at the White House.

USA - Speech candidate for governor of Georgia on Stoner Ku Klux Klan gathering.

Germany, Poland, East Germany, the U.S., West Berlin - the normalization of relations between the Federal Republic of Germany (Government Brandt) and the USSR.

Belgium - International Conference on Space.

Greece - Armed Arab guerrillas detained passenger airliner as hostages.

Greece - Exemption passengers detained aircraft.

France - Demonstration of 1970-1971, the Parisian fashion designer Ted Lapidus.

England - Dancing Yugoslav policeman brings chaos to London traffic.