Soviet Ural Mountains 1986 № 32

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Producer Sverdlovsk newsreel studio

Director: T. Vasiljeva

Operators: M. Kuzjmich, A. Krugovih, V. Maksimov, S. Pogorelov

Text writers: A. Gramolin


Krasnoufimsky - 250 years. Tyumen - 400 years. Well built. the Tyumen - Yamburg. Farewell, pioneer summer!

Reel №1

"Reporting" landscape plan, forest, river.

Fishermen in a boat on the river fishing rods.

City Krasnoufimsk, streets, traffic, pedestrians.

Urban Station by architect Shchusev.

The participants of the student construction team with a guitar dance, sing.

Go pedestrians.

Women with children.

Street stands with photos about the construction in the city.

In a number of harvesters are a group of people around them.

Awarding of the foremost cities orders and medals.

Pedestrians on the street.

Young people see the flowers.

Tyumen city, streets, traffic, pedestrians.

Monument to the heroes of the revolution, rides the bus.

Street with the top point.

Passing by the old-style buildings.

Port cranes.

A lot of people on the street.

Solemn meeting in honor of the 400th anniversary of the city of Tyumen.

Secretary of the CPSU Nikonov attaches to the flag of the city the Order of the Red Banner, the banner on the stage passed from hand to hand.

Celebratory speech in the town square, dancing, photographers.

The drive machine with placards are veterans with awards on his chest.

Fireworks in the night sky.

The plot of "The Northern option" View of the earth from Tyumen flying helicopter.

Helicopter pilots in the cockpit.

Man looks out the window.

Tractor, excavator at work.

Truck clears the ground of the body.

Excavator loads the ground in the back of a truck.

Workers rolled along the ground roll of geotextile material.

Of the truck filled ground.

Two men bare-chested in the snow wash, watered from a bucket, wiping.

Woman indoors on the radio said.

The opening of the railway section from Tyumen to Yamburg go first compositions.

View of the railway and train with weights with the passage of the helicopter.

The plot of "children have to laugh" Teens bear leader length, set in a clearing vertically.

The children's carousel sitting guys and girls singing with a guitar.

Girl on a glade among birches lead dance.

The guy pulls trunks trees withered.

On a cart driven by a piano.

Girls with a bow on her head rehearsing a dance on the grass.

A horse in a cart driven by a piano.

Pioneers amicably filled meadow.

Drummers playing in white shirts and ties pioneer.

PNRM. by pioneers, keep your hand in front of his head in salute.

A man plays the piano.

On the wooden platform dancing younger students.

Spectators sit in the open air.

On stage with a guitar and an accordion sing two pioneers.

Applause in the hall in the open air.

Squirrel in a cage.

Children on vacation: football, swings, roundabout.

A large gazebo, children are engaged in it dances.

In a clearing fire breaks out.

Lit the fire.

Dancing around the fire.

Faces of children.


Tyumen Tyumen region Krasnoufimsk

City Day; Childhood and youth