Enisei River's Meridian 1987 № 3 Road Abakan - Taishet

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Producer Sverdlovsk newsreel studio

Director: Rogozhin N.

Operators: Tishkevich S., Chaplinskij S.


Special Issue on the Komsomol-builders route Abakan - Taishet.

Reel №1

The forest on the slope, it is snowing.

Electric wires.

Railroad of the turning leaves the train.

Freight wagons.

The train enters the tunnel (shooting from the cab).

The train leaves the tunnel.

Movement by rail (shot from the cabin).

Train drivers in the cab of locomotive.

The train goes over the bridge (shot from the cabin).

Alternation: A.D.Shemryakova congratulations on the 50th anniversary, the applause of the auditorium.

View of the stage from the audience, from the camera.

Abakan - Taishet.

Chronicle Komsomol construction.

People walk through the woods sink into the snow.

A man chops wood.

Spruce Falls.

The truck pulled out of the mud in tow.

The truck got stuck in the river, the driver delivers the signals.

The driver gets out of the water.

Drifters in the tunnel.

Laying railroad tracks.

Installation of the power line.

Station Koshurnikova, workers hang in the name of the station building.

Tells E.Nikiforova milkmaid.

The village street, the car rake the snow.

Wooden house.

The street is a woman. E.Nikiforova answers the questions of journalists.

Cows eating in the stalls.

Milkmaid milking machines connected.

Women carrying bags.

A woman goes through fodder beet.

Cow eating beets. E.Nikiforova pure cow.

Nose chewing cows.

Milkmaid lucky corridor fodder wheelbarrow.

The distribution of animal feed.

Cows eat hay.

Cows on the street, a milkmaid goes through a herd.

Says Brigadier Sayan Aluminum Plant V.Artemev.

Students in chemistry class.

Children sledding down the hills.

Children climb the hill.

A man with a child on a sled, trail running dog. V.Artemev connects with children sled "train".

Children sledding.

Children and adults wave operator.

He tells the master I.I.Garanin road. I.I.Garanin check rails.

Freight wagons.

Along the railroad tracks is a girl next to a freight train rides.

I.I.Garanin goes along paths.

He tells understudy assistant driver I.Dolbyakov. I.Dolbyakov to the driver in the cab.

Counter freight train (shot from the cabin).


Hands driver. I.Dolbyakov opens.

The views from the train window. I.Dolbyakov closes the window.

The applause of the auditorium, people get up.

The boy looks at the camera.

The train leaves the tunnel (shooting from the cab).


Shemryakov AD - Composer, local historian, a member of the Union of Journalists of the Krasnoyarsk Territory.




Krasnoyarsk Territory Republic of Khakassia Irkutsk region


Winter [823]

Trains; Construction; Agriculture