The fruits of desires and catching lizards on the background of mount Ararat. (1988)

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Producer Centrnauchfilm (CNF)

Director: Chivikova T.

Script writers: Cank A.

Operators: Kuznecov V.


The film is a parable about the role of male and female nature of the universe. The participation of actors of theatre-studios "Poor Yorick".

Science | Social life | Theater

Reel №1 Fruits of desires

The beginning of the film in an abstract form tells of the creation of the world.

Shows artists and musicians before the performance, arrangement of props, shooting nature, animals and birds, photographs, staged photo shoot depicting the birth of Adam and eve.

Key words

Philosophy. Allegory. Fantasy. Abstraction. Allegory.

Reel №2

In this part the emphasis is on morality and ethics with reference to the fall of Adam and eve and their expulsion from Paradise.

The problems of infertility, reproductive medicine and surrogacy.

VoiceOver reasoning illustrated by shots of Soviet and foreign books of various years, records of surgical operations, fragments of the performance and rehearsals sound effects.

Key words

Philosophy. Allegory. Fantasy. Abstraction. Allegory.

Reel №3

In the final, dealt with the theme of parthenogenesis, artificial insemination and genetic engineering.

As illustrations are used shots of the Soviet newsreel fragments of the play, a series of experiments on the lizards.

At the end of the film symbolically shows how everything returns to normal: the serpent is watching how small children play with the Apple.

Key words

Philosophy. Allegory. Fantasy. Abstraction. Allegory.