Politburo. Pages of history. Issue 11. 1930-1934 gg. (1994)

Documentary №38754, 1 part, duration: 0:09:57
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:Lopatin V.
Screenwriters:Lopatin V.
Camera operators:Fedorovich K.


Issue dedicated to the events of the first Five-Year Plan period and mass kolektivizatsii talks about millions of peasants sacrificed to industrialization, the establishment of the regime of total terror on the peasants, intellectuals, clergy, representatives of the silence of the Western intelligentsia. The final film - XVII Party Congress, set a personal regime of Joseph Stalin.

Reel №1 Politburo. Pages of history. Issue 11. 1930-1934 gg.

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NDP on the paintings in the halls of the Tretyakov Gallery, the picture Malyutina "Lunch Artel"

The film includes newsreels 1930-1934 gg.:

Industrial Party process (court headed by Vyshinsky accused appear before the microphone), chairman of the GPU V.R.Menzhinskogo funeral, the coffin are heads of departments of the GPU, Stalin, Molotov, MM .

Litvinov go to the Kremlin, Stalin, Molotov, G.K.Ordzhonikidze, A.S.Enukidze go to the mausoleum, on the podium, the tanks, vehicles with spotlights on Red Square during the parade November 7, go to the column of demonstrators, harvesting wheat, French politician E.Errio meets with Soviet writers in Moscow, workers - drummers labor with machines, parade of athletes at the Winter Palace Square in Leningrad, political prisoners are working on the construction of the White Sea Canal.

Germany, the National Socialists of Hitler's welcome.

Steamer sails past New York.

XVII Party Congress, Stalin the floor of the present standing ovation, congress delegates dancing folk dances in the hall, among them - Marshal Budyonny, act CEC chairman of the USSR Mikhail Kalinin, chairman of Gosplan V. V.Kuybyshev, USSR People's Commissar of Defense Kliment Voroshilov, secretary of the CPSU (b) Sergei Kirov, USSR People's Commissar of Heavy Industry G.K.Ordzhonikidze, USSR People's Commissar of Transport A.A.Andreev, the presidium of the congress, delegates to the Congress disagree , under the rays of searchlights in the dark on the streets of Moscow demonstrators with banners "Our favorite tov.


Key words

The highest authorities and institutions.
The prosecutor's office.
Cultural ties.
VKP (b).
Collectivization with / x.
Political propaganda campaign.

Calendar: 1994

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