Visit to Polenov (1991)

Documentary №38756, 3 parts, duration: 0:29:58
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:Tsvetkova L.
Screenwriters:Akseljrod A.
Camera operators:A.Gorelov I.Korganov
Other authors:avtor scenariya - L.Akseljrod


The film introduces viewers to the museum - the estate of the painter Polenov, talks about his life's journey and its outreach activities.

Reel №1 Visit to Polenov

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A film about the museum-estate of the artist VDPolenov.

Based materials exposition tells about the life, creative and educational activities of the artist.

The film takes part F.D.Polenov grandson of the artist.

Part 1. Strahovo village in the Tula region.

Types of Oka.

Drawings of Polenov "Steamboat on the Oka", "Oka", "Village Bekhovo." Portrait of Polenov.

Types of State Memorial History, Art and Natural Museum-Reserve of Polenov.

The manor house.

Crew members accompanied F.D.Polenova visit the estate.

Dining room, fireplace, office, library in the house.

Family albums.

Photos of family members Polenovs.

Collection of ancient weapons and ceramics.

Arheological collection.

The collection of paintings of Russian artists.

Among them are paintings of Ilya Repin, Vasnetsov, peredvizhniks.

Artist's studio.

Artists with a sketchbook on the museum grounds.

Horses in the meadow.

Musical evening in the Polenov's room.

View of Oka on a moonlit night.

šššššš2nd part.

Portrait room in the manor.

Portrait of a mother of Polenov - M.A.Polenovoy, nee Voyeikova.

Cover her book "Summer in Tsarskoye Selo." Portrait of a father of Polenov - archaeologist and bibliographer D.V.Polenov.

Portraits of Polenov in childhood.

Paintings VDPolenov "patient", "Arrest of Huguenot," "Moscow Yard", "Overgrown sale", "Grandmother's Garden", "Christ and the Sinner."

F.D.Polenov about creativity of Polenov (synchronously).

Sketches for the painting "Christ and the Sinner." V.G.Gerasimova museum employee tells the tourists about the collection dekarotivno crafts (synchronously).

Group visitors to the museum in the park.

Photos of family members Polenovs. F.D.Polenov tells the history of the museum, the fate of their parents (synchronously).

ššššššThird part.

Photos of the estate during the restoration.

Church in the cemetery in the village Bekhovo.

VDPolenov grave.

Memorial service at the church.

Paintings of Polenov made during an expedition to Palestine.

Photos of performances staged in the home theater Polenovs.

Folk theater building in Moscow, built at the expense of Polenov.

Newsreels: train is in the station "Tarusskaya"; farmers are queuing around the car museum and the sale of books, children around the wagon propaganda movie.

Artist's Studio in the winter.

Demonstration paintings - dioramas.

Fireplace evening N.N.Gramolinoy-Polenova.

By the fireplace - L.L.Polenov, N.N.Polenova, E.A.Gerasimova, F.D.Polenov. N.N.Gramolina-Polenova speaks Russian intellectuals (synchronously).

Coat of arms of Polenovs. F.D.Polenov tells fireplace evenings, about the collection of paintings (synchronously).

Photos of Polenov.

Key words

Cities, towns, villages.
Arts and crafts.
Standard of living.

Calendar: 1991

Reel №2

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Reel №3

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