Comet "Halley" 10 years later .... (1994)

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Producer Centrnauchfilm (CNF)

Director: Ivanov V.

Script writers: Ivanov V.

Operators: A.Krasheninnikov


About the results of observations of the comet "Halley" obtained at the Institute of Space Research.

Conquest of Space


Reel №1 Comet "Halley" 10 years later ...

The film tells about the results of studies of Halley's Comet from 1984-1986. two Soviet interplanetary station "Vega-1" and "Vega-2" spacecraft: Western European "Giotto" and two Japanese satellites.

Part 1. Computer circuit solar reference system and troektorii motion of Halley's comet.

Building, office of the Institute for Space Studies.

Soviet and foreign experts on computers process the information obtained in the course of the experiment.

Meeting of Soviet and foreign specialists.

Portrait of an English astronomer and geophysicist E.Galleya.

Engraving, which depicts Halley's Comet.

Model of the nucleus of the comet.

Astronomer at the telescope.

Mission Control Center.

Operators in the center hall of the monitors.

Halley's Comet in the starry sky, on the screen.

Flight Director Soviet scientists V.M.Kovtunenko, R.Z.Sagdeev, V.L.Barsukov on the screen.

The launch of "Proton".

2nd part.

Soviet and foreign specialists on computers process the information obtained in the course of the experiment. "Vega" in flight.

Japanese satellite launch.

Spacecraft "Giotto" in flight.

Computer scheme of flight interplanetary station "Vega-1" and "Vega-2", the Japanese satellites, spacecraft "Giotto".

Model of Halley's comet.

Key words

Astronomy and Space. Scientific communications.




Reel №2