Soviet Sport Stars (1980)

Documentary №38785, 5 parts, duration: 0:36:07
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:Gasyuk D., Golovnya B.
Camera operators:V.Aljtshuller, D.Gasyuk, B.Golovnya, V.Kolyushev, I.Sosenkov, A.Klementjev, I.Kuznecov, P.Filimonov, S.Chernishov, Yu.Shuplyakov
Other authors:Avtor scenariya - D.Polonskij


Film in vivid form introduces the viewer to the preparation of a number of outstanding athletes for the XXII Olympic Games in Moscow.

Reel №1 Soviet Sport Stars

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I part.

Employment of children in figure skating at the closed stadium.

Fragments of the play " What's the score ? " State Puppet Theatre (Moscow), Soviet hockey team in the auditorium.

Ice Hockey World Championships (Moscow) : The game teams of the USSR and Canada , Tretyak at the gate , the captain Mikhailov takes Champions Cup S.Makarov scores goal against Canadians.

Views of Moscow view of the city center , the Kremlin, Kotelnicheskaya embankment , B.Ustininsky bridge, Raushskaya embankment, Kremlin quay , the hotel " Russia " , the building of the CMEA.

Union children's tournament "Golden Puck" ( Rybinsk , 1979).

Fragments of matches, training, coach A.V.Tarasov watching young hockey players , spectators in the stands.

Tallinn : views of the old town in the autumn, the flower market , the view of the city from the observation deck , a marina , sailboats on the wharf , girls dancing on a platform before Marinas, athletes on yachts in the bay during the Regatta .

Gymnast Nellie Kim and Stella Zakharova on training in the gym.

Part II .

Gymnast Nelli Kim in training.

General view of the gym , talking to coach athletes E.Azaryan exercise on rings A Dityatin exercise on rings gymnasts S.Zaharova M. Filatov and training.

Olympic champion O. Korbut and her husband musician L.Bortkevich go with a stroller on park alley , O. Korbut with her son. O. Korbut performs an exercise on the balance beam in the hall. S.Agapova gymnast on training.

Romanian gymnast E.Eberli exercise on the balance beam .

Romanian sporsmenka N.Komenech in the hall before the competition .

Fragments gymnastics competitions in Tokyo (1979 ) , Alexander Dityatin perform exercises , K.Tomas , H. Kim , N.Komenech , S.Zaharova .

Section III.

Fragments of competition at the World Cup Gymnastics in Tokyo, Alexander Dityatin performs exercises receives congratulations .

" Golden Gate " , the Church of the Savior, an ode to an old house on a street in Vladimir .

Absolute Olympic champion N. Andrianov and his wife Olympic champion gymnast L. Burda and son in the yard in Vladimir, on the playground , L. Burda trains young gymnasts N.Andriyanov helps his wife in training. N. Andrianov in training in the gym.

E.Azaryan gymnast performs an exercise on the bar in the room - his father was an Olympic champion A.Azaryan .

E.Azaryan , Alexander Dityatin on a pedestal. N.Shaposhnikova exercise on balance beam , her coach V.S.Rastorotsky in the hall. H. Kim performs jumping on the carpet.

Training athletes of the USSR team in swimming in the Caucasus Mountains . L.Bogdanova world record in the pool.

Part IV .

International swimming competition at 200 meters in the pool Luzhniki .

Girls swim the paths coach I.M.Koshkin watching.

World record holder Vladimir Salnikov floats on the track , has been at the gym .

Jurors at the tables .

Synchronized swimming fragment statement girls .

Athletes waterskiing jumps from a springboard.

I. Rodnina and Alexander Zaitsev skaters in training at home with her son , awarding the Olympics in Lake Placid .

Fragments of equestrian competitions .

Part V .

Weightlifting, weightlifters in the gym , athletes in the bath .

European champion A.Voronin raises the bar.

World Champion Yu.

Vardanyan raises the bar on the second attempt , rewarding .


Vardanyan celebrates victory with friends in the mountains.

European Championship in weightlifting (1979 ) .

Jurors at the table , the performance of weightlifters on the dais.

Doctors carried away in stretchers injured athlete.

Olympic champion weightlifter D.Rigert on the platform , the audience in the stands.

Opening of the Games of the XXII Olympiad in Moscow.

Athlete carries the torch with the Olympic flame to the bowl in the stadium, a young gymnast 's hand with " Misha " go on the track stadium.

Athlete on the treadmill.

A squad of drummers is the arena stadium fotokorespondenty removed .

Athletes run with the Olympic flame on the streets of Moscow .

General view of the Luzhniki Stadium during the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games .

Key words

International relations.
City transport.
Sports games.
Rhythmic gymnastics.
Synchronized swimming.
Figure skating.

Calendar: 1980

Reel №2

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Reel №3

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Reel №4

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Reel №5

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