Soviet Ural Mountains 1987 № 10

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Producer Sverdlovsk newsreel studio

Director: L.Ionina

Script writers: A.Chernov

Operators: S.Avdeev, S.Gavrilov, V. Litvishko


1. Marathon "Europe - Asia" from Pervouralsk in Sverdlovsk. 2. New computer-controlled machines to Kurgan garment factory. 3. gospriemka in the production association "Izhmash". 4. Visiting colleague Karl Ivanovich Chapaev Pasnaka.

Reel №1

1. Plot of the marathon "Europe - Asia".

Pervoural'sk winter.

On the area of ​​the members of the Sverdlovsk city club runners.

Marathoners jump, warm up.

Says the president of the club "Ural-100" VA Dutov (synchronously).

Marathoner says (synchronously).

Start of marathon Pervouralsk in Sverdlovsk.

People running on snow covered roads.

2. The plot of the Kurgan garment factory.

Machines with digital software control.

Working with electronics shops.

Seamstress for cars on the assembly line.

Children and women show new models.

3. The plot of gospriemka in the production association "Izhmash".

Shooting from the car IZH. Outside the window, snow-covered landscape.

Cars IL freight train on the platform.

The driver and the controller out of the car.

Cars ILs on the assembly line at the shop.

Workers assemble cars.

Employees gospriemka check machine, process documents.

Marathon run on snow-covered road, drink.

Frosty Day, par.

Marathon runners on the run say (synchronously). 4. The plot of Karl Ivanovich Pasnake, former associate divisional commander Chapaev.

Ufa, private apartment.

Samovar on the table.

Karl Ivanovich with his wife drinking tea.

Chapaev Museum in the village of Krasnaya Gorka (Kyzyl-Yar).

Photos of the young and the division commander Pasnaka VI Chapaev.

Photos of the personnel division Chapaev.

Pasnak meets pioneers.

Monument in front of the museum.

Pasnak communicate with children in a museum.

Index "Sverdlovsk" at the entrance to the city.

Marathon finish.

Winner Leonid Krupski.

Says wife winner Krupsk (synchronously).

They say the wife marathoners (synchronously).


VA Dutov



Sporting events; Industry; Restructuring; Generals and war heroes; Automobile transport