Start at the start (1970)

Documentary №39104, 5 parts, duration: 0:49:34
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:Makarov N.
Screenwriters:Ryabchikov E.
Camera operators:Krilov I., Smirnov B., Pankratov Yu., Anohin G., Sivkov V.
Composers:Flyarkovskij A.
Anouncers:Hmara L.
Other authors:Aipov N., Kalashnikov V.


The film tells about the path taken and the further tasks of Soviet science and technology in the exploration of outer space.

Reel №1 Start at the start

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Children play dice.

Ancient Egyptian frescoes, medieval engravings depicting the construction.

Fragment of the painting "Repair work on the railway."

Panorama of the central part of Leningrad (from above).

Types of modern urban buildings of hydroelectric dams.

View of the Ostankino TV Tower.

Inner view of the Mayakovskaya metro station.

Underwater construction, the hydronauts explore the ocean floor.

View of the airport part (top).

Cargo transportation by helicopter.

Delivery of the spaceship to the launch site.

Types of the launch pad of the spacecraft.

Newsreel of 1962: cosmonauts Nikolayev A. and Popovich P. during the flight.

Cosmonauts Bykovsky V. and Tereshkova V. during the group space flight in 1963.

Leonov A. goes into open space in March 1965.

Docking and undocking of the Kosmos satellites in orbit in October 1968.

Spacecraft Soyuz-4 and Soyuz-5 during a manual docking in outer space in January 1969.

Cosmonauts Khrunov E. and Eliseev A. make the transition from the ship to the ship.

Meeting cosmonauts on board the Soyuz-4.

Preparation of cosmonauts Shonina GS, Kubasova VN, Filipchenko AV, Gorbatko VV to the next group flight.

Crews during training, specialists of the training center behind the consoles.

Cosmonauts Shatalov V. and Eliseev A. undergo regular tests.

Shatalov and Leonov supervise the complex training of space crews.

Execution of communication between crews and land.

Filipchenko works on the models of spacecraft maneuvering and convergence.

The commander of a group of ships Shatalov behind the communication desk during the next training session.

Key words

Space technology


Bykovsky Valery Fedorovich - the pilot-cosmonaut Tereshkova Valentina Vladimirovna - pilot-cosmonaut Nikolaev Andriyan Grigorievich - pilot-cosmonaut Popovich Pavel Romanovich - the pilot-cosmonaut Leonov Alexey Arkhipovich - the pilot-cosmonaut Khrunov Evgeny Vasilievich - the pilot-cosmonaut Yeliseyev Alexey Stanislavovich - the pilot-cosmonaut

Calendar: 1962 1963 03.1965 10.1968 01.1969

Locations: Space [204]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Astronaut Kubasov V.N. examines the documentation of the personal task.

Cosmonauts Filipchenko, Gorbatko, Shonin before flight training at the airport.

Filipchenko in the cockpit of a jet fighter.

The fighters take off.

Piloting in the dark.

Episode of the football game "Spartak" - "Dynamo".

Photos of cosmonaut Volkov V. during his game of football and hockey, episodes of matches.

Classes on flight training in the Kolomna flying club.

Astronauts during various training and surveys.

Training on a centrifuge, Gorbatko during training.

Training on board the aircraft in zero-gravity conditions.

Type of plant for growing microorganisms under zero gravity conditions.

Astronauts in the planetarium of Star City.

The astronauts study the automatic flying vehicles of the "Zond-7" system, color photographs of the lunar surface and the Earth from space, made by the "Zond-7" apparatus.

Production of an artificial electric discharge.

Astronauts at the construction site get acquainted with the work of the welding machine, conduct trial shooting of welding operations.

Type of turbine and supports of high-voltage line, created by welding.

Types of welded bridge.

Paton in Kiev.

Academician Paton B.E. speaks about the importance and application of welding in various types of construction and the creation of new orbital stations, the use of welding in space conditions (synchronously), cosmonauts training in the application of various types of space welding.

Installation and verification of the units and assemblies of the spacecraft.

Shatalov participates in the assembly of the Soyuz spacecraft, a kind of part of the assembly shop.

Astronauts in the shop of the plant.

Key words

Space technology

Reel №3

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Meeting in the Star City of American cosmonaut Frank Borman.

Solemn meeting in the Star City with the participation of Frank Bormann.

Frank Bormann, standing in the podium, greets the Soviet cosmonauts on behalf of their American colleagues.

Handing Frank Borman memorable gifts.

Fragments of the film about the flight of the American spacecraft "Apollo-8" around the moon in 1968, donated by Bormann.

Astronauts Lovell, Anders and Bormann before the start.

Astronauts aboard the ship during the flight.

The surface of the Moon.

Cosmonaut German Titov shows Bormann and his wife the office of Yuri Gagarin.

Frank Bormann and his wife are photographed in memory of Soviet cosmonauts.

Seeing Bormann at Sheremetyevo Airport.

Factory tests of space ships "Soyuz", types of ship compartments.

Test of the crew rescue system.

The work of the rescue system (animation).

cosmonauts during the inspection of the vehicles "Voskhod" and "Soyuz", who were in space.

Shatalov demonstrates the nodes of the device, on which he made a manual docking.

Astronauts take preflight exams, astronauts' faces.

Astronauts listen to the order on the results of the exam.

Astronauts at the Baikonur cosmodrome at the site of the launch of the world's first artificial Earth satellite.

Astronauts take care of a tree in the alley Cosmonauts, which planted Yuri Gagarin, plant their trees.

Astronauts visit the house of Koroleva S.P.

Inspection of the astronauts of ships before the flight, checking systems and instruments.

Kubasov V. examines the welding installation "Vulkan".

Inspection of the orbital compartment and the descent vehicle.

The conclusion of the Soyuz-6 spacecraft to the launch position.

Panorama of the starting position, space ship at the launch.


Lovell James is an American astronaut Anders William - American astronaut Bormann Frank is an American astronaut

Calendar: 1968

Locations: USA [851] Space [204]

Reel №4

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Conclusion at the start of the spacecraft.

Arrival of the Soyuz-6 crew to the start, the return of the report of the State Commission.

Astronauts climb the stairs to the elevator.

Specialists of communication and surveillance services at the consoles during the preflight check, the command sounds to the start.

The launch of the Soyuz-6 spacecraft.

Specialists of the Mission Control Center for remote control panels.

The faces of cosmonauts Shonin and Kubasov on the screen of the monitor.

Crew during the flight.

Ship "Soyuz-7" at the start.

Filipchenko, Gorbatko and Volkov take the bus to the starting position, Shatalov and Yeliseyev escort them.

The cosmonauts report to the State Commission.

Landing crew in a spaceship.

The launch of the Soyuz-7 spacecraft on October 12, 1969.

Crew during the flight.

A view from the spacecraft's porthole.

Vladislav Volkov is conducting his first television report from the orbit.

The crew members go to bed.

Astronauts Shatalov and Eliseev go on the bus to the starting position on October 13, 1969.

Return of the report of the State Commission and boarding the ship.

Astronauts, standing on the upper platform, waving their hands at parting.

Members of the cosmonauts' families watch TV and listen for the sake of news from the cosmodrome, the faces of women and children.

The launch of the Soyuz-8 spacecraft.

Specialists establish a connection with spacecraft.

The crews of the ships carry out planned work in conditions of weightlessness, fix observations in the logbook, Shatalov and Eliseev during the flight.

Volkov is mastering a new navigation device.

Ground tests of a new television orientation system.

Astronauts in orbit do morning exercises and conduct biomedical research and filming.

Key words

Space technology

Reel №5

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Specialists and geologists study the results of previous space flights, photographs of mineral deposits made from a spacecraft.

The astronaut is taking photographs of the Earth's surface, a view from the spacecraft's porthole.

The study of information received from space in the hydro-meteorological center.

Conducting spectrographic observations in space.

The astronauts are bringing the ships closer in space, one of the ships is maneuvering in outer space, the faces of the astronauts.

Specialists on the vessel of the USSR Academy of Sciences "Vladimir Komarov" make contact with spacecraft, receive and process the information received.

Scheme of communication of the Spacecraft with the Flight Control Center via the Vladimir Komarov ship and Molniya-1 communications satellite (animation).

Kubasov V. is preparing a welding machine "Vulkan" for work under conditions of weightlessness.

Kubasov conducts welding in space with the help of remote control.

A report in the newspapers about the successful completion of the space group flight.

Shonin and Kubasov after the landing go to the helicopter.

The crew of the Soyuz-7 spacecraft is preparing for landing.

Crew meeting after landing.

Shatalov and Eliseev perform the latest experiments in space.

Processing of telemetric materials in a ground station.

The meeting on the ground of the crew of the Soyuz-8 spacecraft after landing, photo reporters are filming.

Shatalov and Eliseev aboard the helicopter.

Communications in the international press about the successful group space flight of Soviet cosmonauts.

The plane with the cosmonauts flies to Moscow accompanied by escort fighters.

Astronauts before leaving the plane.

Types of Red Square, turn in the mausoleum.

Astronauts and members of their families in the Kremlin near the Lenin monument.

Key words

Space research

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