Space and astronomy. (1990)

Documentary №39115, 2 parts, duration: 0:19:54
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:N. Romanova
Screenwriters:N. Romanova
Camera operators:Yu. Shkundov
Sound mixer:A. Romanov
Other authors:S. Brodskij


In the picture given to research solar system planets and stars from space stations, both Soviet and foreign.

Reel №1 Space and astronomy.

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

A drawing depicting Galileo observing the starry sky through a telescope.

Mountain landscape at sunrise (panorama), observatory in the mountains.

The direction of the telescope to a point in the sky.

An astronomer looks into the eyepiece of a telescope.

Photos of the starry sky and constellations.

View of the BTA telescope with a mirror diameter of six meters.

The electronic equipment with which the telescope is equipped, the observatory staff at the computer.

One of the celestial bodies on the monitor screen.

Results of spectral analysis of quasars on monitor screens.

Drawings and photographs of constellations and the starry sky.

A ray of sun comes out from behind the clouds.

The telescope receives radio waves (animation).

Conditional radio images of the galaxy and other stellar objects synthesized by a computer.

Radio telescope antenna.

Electromagnetic waves on the monitor screen.

The scheme of penetration of radio waves through the atmosphere and delays of infrared radiation, ultraviolet and gamma radiation in the lower and upper layers of the atmosphere (animation).

The start of the comic ship.

Newsreel of 1957: the launch of the first Soviet satellite into orbit.

Satellite flight around the Earth (animation).

Panorama of a part of the Earth's surface.

The launch of the spacecraft.

The image of the Earth and the Moon.

Photo of a part of the moon's surface.

The landing of the spacecraft on the surface of the Moon.

A lunar rover on the surface of the Moon.

A research vehicle in flight.

Photo of the Moon's surface.

The landing of American astronauts on the Moon in 1969.

Photos of American astronauts on the moon.

Panorama of a part of the lunar surface.

Photo of the atmosphere of Venus in ultraviolet light.

View of the Venus research station.

Photos of the surface of Venus.

Part of the map of Venus.

Taking soil samples from the surface of Venus.

Photos of the surface of Venus.

Research stations during a flight to Mars (animation).

The Phobos research Station is approaching Mars.

The layout of the surface of Mars.

Photos of the surface of Mars.

Photo of the Martian desert.

A manned spacecraft is heading to Mars (animation).

The American Voyager Research Station in flight (animation).

Photos of large planets of the Solar system - gas balls of hydrogen and helium.

Photos of the surface of Jupiter taken by Voyager.

The flight of the research station past Saturn (animation).

Photos of Saturn's flat ring system.

Color images of Saturn transmitted by Voyager to Earth.

A drawing depicting Saturn.

Calendar: 1990

Locations: Moscow [820] USSR [863] Space [204]

Seasons: Summer [824]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The Voyager Space Station explores the planet Uranus (animation).

The position of Uranus in the Solar system, the rotation of the planet "on its side".

Color photographs of large planets and their moons taken by Voyager stations.

Photo of Neptune's atmospheric vortex system.

Voyager explores Neptune's rings.

Diagram and photos of Neptune's rings.

A diagram of the orbits of research stations and the trajectory of Halley's comet (animation).

Vega-1 and Vega-2 stations in flight to Halley's comet (animation).

Diagram of the planets of the Solar system (animation).

Photos of the Milky Way and stars.

Solar disk, seascape.

Pointing the telescope at the sun.

Photographs and newsreels of processes taking place on the surface of the Sun.

Scheme of nuclear fusion reactions in the Sun (animation).

Research station in flight (animation).

Photos of stellar processes.

The internal structure of the Solar core, the radiation of solar energy, corpuscular wind and cosmic rays (animation).

Radiation of the Sun's magnetic field (animation).

Photos of the Milky Way.

Photos of an infrared telescope launched into outer space on the international satellite "Iraz".

Photos of cosmic dust and gas, recently formed stars, taken by an infrared telescope.

Scheme and sequence of star formation in outer space (animation).

A photo of a star with a planetary disk obtained by the Iraz satellites.

Stars in the galaxy.

Transformation of a star into a red giant and into a white dwarf (animation).

Astronomers observe a planetary nebula on a monitor screen.

View of one of the planetary nebulae.

Neutron star formation (animation).

Radio telescope antenna.

Soviet satellite "Astron" in flight.

Scheme of radiation of stars and nebulae in the X-ray range (animation).

Photos of the crab nebula.

Photos of a supernova explosion in the Large Magellanic Cloud galaxy.

American space X-ray Observatory "Einstein" in flight (animation).

Images of various stars in infrared radiation, the node of the research station rotates.

Astrophysicist in front of the monitor screen.

Photos of various objects in the universe.

The scheme of the "black hole".

View of the cosmic whirlpool.

The display of stars and other cosmic bodies in infrared radiation on the monitor screen.

The Soviet X-ray satellite "Garnet", exploring X-ray and gamma radiation.

American optical telescope "Hubble" in outer space (animation).

Stars in outer space.

Processes occurring on the surface of the Sun.

Calendar: 1990

Locations: Moscow [820] Space [204]

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